Yellow fever vaccination in Uganda is one of the requirements for travelers before one is allowed to visit any other country including Uganda and many more.

 The vaccination runs from November to December. The facility that give the yellow fever vaccinations in Uganda are accredited by the ministry of Health to provide the vaccination.

In Uganda the countries include Victoria Medical center, Kazuri medical care, Victoria hospital in Entebbe, KCCA Clinic, Norvik hospital, Kitante Medical car, Mengo medical hospital, Nakaseero hospital Catherine hospital.

There is increase of demand for the vaccination service. The international vaccination certificate,  with a logo of the ministry of health and world Health organization (WHO), this a requirement of the international health.

The certificate has a stamp seal of the ministry of Health with appearance of different futures making it difficult to forge by the rest of the people outside the ministry of health.

There was outbreak of yellow fever which pushed more of the development of the vaccinations in Uganda most outbreaks occurred in the districts of Masaka, Kalangala and Rukungiri districts. More facilities are considered to provide the vaccination services.

WHO guidelines, countries where at least two outbreaks can introduce yellow fever vaccination into routine immunization programmers . In 2010 that’s when the last outbreak occurred in the Northern part of Uganda.

Yellow fever vaccination protects one against yellow fever, the infection occurs in Africa and South America. Sometimes people develop immunity within 10 days and 99% are protected within one month of vaccination. The vaccination is used to control a number of outbreaks of diseases; the injection is given into the muscle or under the skin.

WHO recommends routine immunization in all countries where the yellow fever vaccination is very common?

The vaccination is given to ages of nine month and 12 months of age. One is advised to be immunized before travelling to areas where the disease occurs.

Yellow fever vaccination   is a safe immunization, including HIV infections with no symptoms. Mild side effects include headache, muscle pains, injection site, fever and rashes,


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