Ziplining is an adventurous activity that is done by anyone who is up for the adrenaline rush. In this activity, one travels from one point to another while hanging on a suspended rope attached to two ends.


Zip lining is done as an additional activity on safaris to spice up the safari activities from the usual traditional ones to new and fun ones.

However, Ziplining has not always been a safari activity. This fun and adrenaline rush activity first came to the scene in the early 50s or even earlier when biologists made Zip lines in areas where there were no roads to move from one forest to another in their research activities.

The research studies were done on animals in the forests so it was understandable that the biologists moved from one forest to another.

As the population kept observing these biologists, they thought it was such a fun thing and different communities used to make zip lines for fun as others took zip lines up to help them in their transport from one place to another.

It’s said that in some China villages, kids used to use zip lines to get to their different schools.

As the popularity of zip lines grew, different tourism bodies in several countries introduced zip lines as an add-on activity to traditional safari activities.

The zip lines are usually half a mile or multiple miles long. The longest zip line in the world currently known is 1.3 miles long and is found in Peru.

This line also hangs at 6,490 ft above the ground.

In countries like Uganda where zip lines are only done as part of a safari activity the zip lines are not so long and not so high. They just hang high up enough to give you the thrill of it and long enough still for the same reason.

In Uganda, Ziplining is done at Lake Bunyonyi and in the Mabira forest mainly.

The ziplining experience in Uganda is usually booked a couple of days or weeks in advance to help the organizer plan and have everything ready for you when you turn up for the ziplining experience.

On the day of the zip line, you don’t want to be late because your slot may be given out to another.

So, keep time and it helps if you are working with a tour guide or consultant.

The ziplining fees are usually paid in advance via visa rarely cash. And the prices are usually between 15 USD and 40 USD depending on where you are ziplining from.

Zip Lining in Mabira

Zip lining is done all year round but is usually best done in the dry season.

Before the zip line, you will have a brief at the start line and then put on the safety gear before you are attached to the hanging rope and pushed to move to the other end. The safety gear is provided to you by the zip line operators.

Usually, there’s no specific dress code for zip lining but you have to be comfortable.

On the other end, you will end your ziplining experience and celebrate with the operators or the company you came with to ziplining.

If you fear heights, this may not be an activity for you. However, you can consult for further guidance.

It’s advised you don’t zip line when you are ill or not feeling up to 100% you may be affected by the adrenaline rush you get from this activity.

Otherwise, zip lining is safe for everyone and you should consider it as a fun addition to your safari activities this season.

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