Ziwa Rhino sanctuary welcomes new born

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Welcomes New born : Ziwa Rhino sanctuary has welcomed a new born male Rhino this week. The birth of this Rhino brings the total number of Rhinos at the sanctuary to 23 now. The male calf was born early this week at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary grounds in Nakasongola district. The white wild rhino was born by Kori one the oldest female Rhinos at this sanctuary.

Uganda wildlife Authority announced the birth of this Rhino on its social media platforms with a statement that read in part “Good news from Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Kori, one of the oldest female Rhino has given birth to a male calf.”

The News of the birth of this Rhino is really a breath of fresh air after all the controversial press that has been hovering over the sanctuary in the past days. The sanctuary was in the News for some time over land disputes that led to its temporarily closure before it was reopened again to the public for tourist activities.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is the only place in Uganda where you can view and trek these big five family animals. Rhinos in Uganda had been extinct for several years until they were reintroduced to the country by the Rhino Fund Uganda together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The sanctuary covers a total area of 70 sq kilometers in Nakitoma Nakasongola District. It was established in 2002 with the reintroduction of southern white rhinos that were donated to Uganda by the European Union, Kenya and Disney world. Since then the number of Rhinos has continued to grow to date making 23 Rhinos.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is located north of Kampala along the Gulu highway, about 2 to 3 hours from the country’s capital. The sanctuary is in close proxy with Murchison falls National falls and usually tourists top up their Murchison falls tour with a visit to the Rhino sanctuary.

The sanctuary is very popular among tourists because of course the Rhinos but also because of the shoebill stork that live in the sanctuary’s swampy areas. The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was created for rhinos, it’s also home to several other animals like zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, kobs, bushbucks, duikers and impalas among others.

Most people visit the sanctuary for Rhino trekking, where they take long walks in the sanctuary to find the rhinos and spend time observing them as they go about their daily life.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Welcomes New born

The sanctuary also has other activities that can be done at the sanctuary that include but not limited to:-

  1. Bird watching: The sanctuary is home to over 100 bird species, so for bird lovers this is a perfect space for them watch these birds in Mother Nature. The bird species include Grey Kestrel, Red-headed Bluebill, Marico Sunbird, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Pallid Harrier etc.
  2. Shoe bill stork trek: we have mentioned, the sanctuary is home to the shoebill stork which makes it the perfect place for a shoe bill stork trek to admire and observe the unique and famous shoebill stork.
  3. Canoe ride: You can also take canoe rides on the lugogo swamp to explore the sanctuary on the waters. Canoe rides are also prefect for shoe bill stork viewing as the birds are always on the waters.
  4. Nature walks: the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is a perfect place for nature walks to enjoy the magnificent flora and ambience of the place.

These are only but a few of the several activities done at the Rhino sanctuary.

The sanctuary is open to visitors all throughout the year and a trip to the sanctuary can be combined with a Murchison falls safari or a kidepo safari.

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