Uganda Safaris - Uganda is one of the best undiscovered safari destinations in Africa. Uganda safari trips offer those good and memorable experiences every traveler would wish to experience in a lifetime. There is still a lot to be discovered and experienced in this magical wilderness. Gorilla tourism is apparently the face of tourism industry. Uganda is one of the only three countries that harbor mountain gorillas - a critically endangered species of primates that lives in hilly and mountainous areas. The source of the longest river is found here just like the world and the most explosive waterfall. We are ready to plan for you Uganda safaris and tours to this Pearl of Africa at very affordable rates. We offer guided private and small group safaris highlighting activities like wildlife viewing, primate tracking, bird watching, cultural experiences, mountaineering and so much more. We do not only offer price sensitive Uganda tour packages, our choice of accommodation is perfect. A comfortable safari is all we can ever wish for a traveler irrespective of their budget. It's time to kick Uganda off your bucket list. See some of our affordable Uganda safari packages below, choose your best package, drop us a mail and we shall respond to you with the corresponding quotation instantly.

Popular Uganda Safari Tours

Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris

3 Days Murchison Falls Uganda

3 Days Murchison Falls

3 days bwindi gorilla trek

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

3 days kibale chimpanzee

3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking

3 Days Queen Elizabeth

3 Days Queen Elizabeth

3 Days Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary tour

3 Days Ngamba Chimp Tour

4 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trek

4 Days Gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi

5 Days Uganda Gorilla & Wildlife Safari

5 Days Gorillas & Wildlife Safari

6 Days Gorilla Trekking and Chimpanzee Safari

6 Days Uganda Primates Adventure

Uganda Classic Tour

7 Days Uganda Classic Tour

7 Days Uganda Safari Tour

7 Days Uganda Safari Tour

RDB Increases Rwanda Gorilla Permits

10 Days Family Safari Uganda