Lake Bunyonyi, is one of the charming lakes and is the deepest crater lake in Africa and second in the world. The lake is named a local word which means a place of many birds.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is the best way of getting around on a trip of water is with a motor boat as it’s a fresh water lake free of Bilharzias.

The lake  is a home to beautiful islands with different places to relax, a number of bird species .The lake is located in the south  western part of Uganda which is between Kisoro and Kabale its close to Rwanda border.

Lake Bunyonyi also appears on the 5000 Ugandan shilling which is under the title Lake Bunyonyi and terraces.

There a number of towns at the shores which include Muko and Kyevu,and 29 islands  including Bushara island and Punishment island where girls who could get pregnant  before marriage where thrown and killed.

Lake Bunyonyi has a lot to offer, there about 29 islands, these include visiting the Batwa people learn how they lived in the forest as hunters, black smith, feed, and many more this activity is a home away from home experience another culture away from home, relaxation, bird watching their many bird species to offer, canoeing, swimming and many more to see.

Visit the local towns, villages, homes, trek the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi National park a home to the endangered mountain Gorillas in the world, the hot spring in Kabale, canoeing and swimming taking place.

The restaurants are in different prices, exclusive bird nest, cottages restaurants, campsites and Resorts and campsites to accommodate you.

The water from the lake is fresh and clean; however you’re not advised to drink it, unless boiled. The restaurants and campsites offer a wide variety of drinks this depends on the budget.

There is plenty to experience  learn how to make beer out of sorghum, Amarwa local breweries, Obushera a local drink made out of millet, local banana wine.

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the best places to relax and stay away from the city, the accommodations are very available, the balconies are private with great views of the surrounding islands and hillsides as well as fresh waters, food staff, friendly staff, it’s one of the least expensive places in the whole region.

The rooms in accommodations have their own private balcony with great views of the surrounding islands as well as fresh meals that offer, friendly staff, its among the very least expensive areas in the country.

The deluxe accommodation includes en-suite facilities with hot showers, or basic accommodations .its family friendly with family cottages that are available and tons to do around the islands and lakes.

The prices range from low as 4pp in the dormitory which is up to 20pp in the deluxe this is one of the best accommodations deals in all of Uganda, no meals, menu which is more than 6USD.

Arcadia cottages, is located on the hillside which is above the lakes, panoramic views, with 12 rooms, in two rows, with lake views.

The lower front row is octagonal cottages with thatch roof, the upper row with newer concrete which is very good with less character. The rooms are en-suite, clean with hot water, electricity comfortable, real double beds, twin  beds, twin rooms  which available.


Africa Explorer Eco Village

African explorer eco African explorer is located in the Kyabahinga ridge overlooking the best sceneries of the lake, the virunga mountains border Rwanda and Congo.

They’re very many accommodations that furnish African Huts, wooden cabins by solar with hot and cold showers, one needs to connect with WIFI internet. The camps and dorms for backpackers are provided, restaurants serves organic foods both in local dishes and international dishes.


They’re very many beaches, with wonderful views that provide accommodation in beautiful cottages.

There great African-European Asian food with ice cold drinks, canoeing for free. You’re offered African tea, Arabian coffee, in this place to relax and experience the real African lifestyle, such as kids playing in the rain.

Bugombe Island Gateway is a resort on Lake Bunyonyi offering great accommodation and travel experience. They’re very many bird species to watch in the sanctuary of wild islands for canoe trips to see the 10 islands on the lake. There is full board to accommodate all the meals that are served at a greater cost, free wifi.

Upendo Guest Home and Upendo children’s home,

The home is located next to Green hill, it’s a guest house with bright and coy rooms that are fully equipped, with modern bathroom that have hot showers.

Tourists of budget from backpackers to businessmen to short term  vacations. The prices range according to ones support of 10homeless children.

Bunyonyi view resort, it’s a long renowned for its creative, accommodations with a private balcony that has great views of the lake and hillsides as well as fresh diverse meal that offers a friendly staff, its least expensive place among the lodges in the area. Book a deluxe accommodation which includes all en-suite facilities, with hot showers and many more. The dormitories are self contained with hot water.

The resort is friendly with great family cottages. Plan a trip to Bunyonyi view resort. Continue to explore the area of central and Eastern Africa.

Travel around the water bodies on motor boat, canoe rides, bring around to see the beautiful islands that take you to different places where you can relax and live. Lake Bunyonyi is very amazing with great deals if one is on a vacation or trip to be out of the city noise.


Lake Bunyonyi also has been a scene for tourism as it seemed to be simulated in the all famous Black Panther Movie of 2017 to have been the home of the Wakanda People.



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