Is kidepo National park a good place to have a safari?

Is kidepo National park a good place to have a safari? Kidepo National park is one of the most iconic national parks in Uganda. Located far north of the country and the country’s capital Kampala, this park is home to over 400 mammal species, about 1000 bird species and unique vegetation. The park is about 10 to 11 hours’ drive from Kampala and because of its distance people don’t usually visit park and in not doing so they miss out of the beauty and wonder of this magnificent park.

Wildlife enthusiasts have referred to Kidepo National Park as the Maasai Mara of Uganda because of the diversity of wildlife in the park and its rugged terrains assorted with mountains, hills and the semi-arid weather, this park is simply magical. A visit to this park is one you will not forget or you may even visit the more than once because of its beauty. So to help you plan you your visit to this magnificent park, here are some things you should expect to see while in Kidepo National Park.

  1. Wildlife

The fact that this is national park, you will surely expect to see a number of wildlife but the upside of visiting Kidepo is that you will see a variety of wildlife that include but not limited to lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, zebras, wild dogs, buffaloes, bat-eared foxes, giraffes and many more. On safari to this park you will have either morning game drives, full day game drives or evening game drives to view these animals and enjoy their beauty. You will also have an opportunity to view these animals in particular viewing spots like the Narus Valley and the Kidepo Valley.

Is kidepo National park a good place to have a safari?
Wildlife In kidepo Valley National Park
  1. Birds

The park is habitat to a number of birds that include the red barbet, yellow barbet, ostriches, dark chanting goshawk , little bee-eater , kori bustard and many more. For bird lovers this park is a perfect destination for bird watching and learning about some rare birds in the regions. Birding in the park is usually done on nature walks and game drives. The park also has a spot with a huge number of birds, the Namamukweny valley; this valley has birds like the white crested Turaco, green wood hoopoe, common bulbul among others. For people that visit the park for only birds this valley is the best spot for bird watching.

  1. Kidepo River and Kanangorok hot springs

Though Kidepo National park is known to be dry most of the year, this park has a seasonal river that appears during the rainy season. The river alone is magnificent and a beauty to explore but on top of the river the park also has kanangorok hot springs nearing the park’s border to south Sudan and these springs are a delight for all who visit them.

  1. Lomej hills

The Lomej hill ranges make a scenic view as you are lounging in the park premises or even when on your tour in the park. These hill ranges that are a few kilometers from the park headquarters apart from their spectacular views are hide outs for animals and birds. So you can actually go close to them to see a variety of animals.

Is kidepo National park a good place to have a safari?
Lomej hills
  1. The Ik people

The IK people is a community of Karamanjong people that stay in the surroundings of Kidepo National Park. A visit to this community will give you an opportunity to experience the Ike’s unique lifestyle, culture and collection of traditions. You will engage several community activities that include song and dance, storytelling, cattle grazing among others.

Bottom line is Kidepo National Park is absolutely a good place to have a Uganda safari, you will be delighted at how much you will see and experience in the park.

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