2022 entrance fees Murchison falls national park

2022 entrance fees Murchison falls national park : Murchison Falls National Park in North western Uganda is one of the top safari destinations in Uganda. This park which is the largest in Uganda is home to over 800 animal species, 450 bird species, a diversity of fauna and of course not forgetting the Murchison falls.

2022 entrance fees Murchison falls national park

Tourists are always eager, excited and delighted to visit Murchison Falls National Park for a refreshing time, exciting activities in the park but above all for the wildlife experience they will have and the sighting and experiencing of the Murchison Falls.

Because it’s a top destination in the country, Murchison Falls National Park is always on top of a traveller list of places to visit when they are in Uganda. For that reason, travellers are always inquiring on the entrances fees to the park and prices for all the other activities.

Below are some of the prices for Murchison Falls National Park 2022, from entrance fees to activities fees among other fees.

Entrance fees

Entrance fees for Murchison Falls National Park in 2022 will be USD 40 for Foreigners Non- residents, USD 30 for Foreigners residents, USD 20 for Children 5 to 15 and UGX 20,000 for all East African citizens.

Guided Services

This will include guided game drives, nature walks or other services. These will cost USD 20 per vehicle for day game drives and USD 30 per person for night drives. Guided walks will cost USD 30/40 per person for a day or night.

Vehicle Entrance

Vehicles entering the park will cost USD 15 for Ugandan registration number plates and USD 150 for foreign vehicles.

2022 entrance fees Murchison falls national park
2022 entrance fees Murchison falls national park

Boat rides

Boat rides will cost 30 dollars for every person taking on the boat ride.


Accommodation prices vary from accommodation facility to another, so you have to look through and find an accommodation facility that serves your needs and is within your budget.

Other things in the park not listed above will attract costs that are between 30 USD to 80 USD depending on the service or activity.

On a visit to Murchison Falls National Park be sure to engage in exciting activities that include but not limited to:-

  1. Game drives: This is where you drive through the park to view the numerous animals that live in the park. As stated the park has over 800 animal species and some of the animals you will find in the park include lions, buffaloes, leopards, elephants, warthog, impalas, waterbucks, antelopes and many more. On a game drive you will have a chance to see all these animals and more.

On game drives too, you will have a chance to see the numerous bird species in the park that include the African eagle, hornets and others.

  1. Top of the Falls

You have not visited Murchison Falls National Park if you don’t try out the top of the falls experience. Where you take a hike up the water falls to view them from the top.

  1. Boat Rides

You can also get on the Victoria Nile for unforgettable boat rides downstream or upstream to further enjoy the Nile and view wildlife creatures around the river.

  1. Budongo Forest

Though not in Murchison Falls National Park, this forest is quite close to the park and is good place to visit for a primate trek to supplement your savannah Uganda wildlife safari.

These are the top activities in the park but the park offers so much more for its guests, whenever they visit.

Murchison Falls National Park is open all through the year and is happy to receive guests at any time of the year.

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