Are Chimpanzees friendly to humans?

Are Chimpanzees friendly to humans? Yes, they chimpanzees are friendly to humans, according to our observations. Chimpanzees are some of the most sought after primate species in the East African region. Primate lovers visiting the East African region are always excited to see chimpanzees in the habitats. However most people wonder what happens when they meet the chimpanzees will the chimpanzees be nice to them or will the chimpanzees shun them?

Are Chimpanzees friendly to humans?

Truth be told, we have never heard of a chimpanzee shunning anyone, chimpanzee are social animals, likeable and great to be around. Like other primates they live in groups of about 15 to 40 or more depending on the factors.

When visiting chimpanzees you will be sure to get a nice reception for as long as you observe there rules. These rules and guidelines are usually communicated to you by your tour operator and by the trekking ranger before you start you trekking experience. The rules include but not limited to:-

  1. Do not go for a chimpanzee trekking experience when you are sick or have any communicable disease. Chimpanzees share about 80% or more of their DNA with humans so can easily catch any disease from humans.
  2. Desist from touching the chimpanzees even if they are close to you. Touch them may irritate them and get them mad.
  3. Do not feed the chimpanzees
  4. Avoid making weird noises and gestures in front the chimpanzees, the chimpanzees may interpret them as threats and get mad
  5. Do not use flashes when taking the pictures of the chimpanzees.
  6. Do not scream or shout at the chimpanzees
  7. Do not engage in any behavior that may harm the chimpanzees or may be interpreted as danger to the chimpanzees
  8. Avoid staring at the chimpanzees especially straight in the eyes
  9. If you meet a chimpanzee on the way, make way for it to pass, don’t stick in the way of the chimpanzee
  10. If you sense a chimpanzee is mad or angry, stand still and wait for help. Chimpanzees don’t usually get mad but when they do they will start making funny noises and begin to make weird movements and displays. When you see this you should stand still.
Are Chimpanzees friendly to humans?
Are Chimpanzees friendly to humans?

If you follow these rules during your chimpanzee trekking experience we are sure you will enjoy the company of the chimpanzees; and you will see how friendly they are, they may even give you a smile, the young ones may do some playful acts in front of your to show you their pleasure of seeing you.

All in all, we think chimpanzees are friendly animals and if you do not disturb their peace, they will not disturb your peace either.

Chimpanzees in the region are found in Uganda – also known as the primate capital, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unlike the mountain gorillas the chimpanzees are spread out in a number of National park in all countries and here we shall list just a few of them – the most common ones in each country per say.

  1. Uganda – Kibale National Park, Budongo Forest, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kalinzu forest and Ngamba forest
  2. Rwanda – Nyungwe forest National Park and Gishwati Mukura National Park
  3. The Democratic Republic of Congo – Virunga National Park.

As stated above these are just some of the common places you can see chimpanzees but all these may have more places to where you can see chimpanzees. The above mentioned chimpanzee habitats have habituated chimpanzees for tourism.

Chimpanzee trekking in the places above happens all year round at fees determined by the management of individual places.

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