Gisozi genocide memorial, started in 1994 which was against the Tutsi, the remaining is about 250,000 people are interred.

As your visiting the Genocide memorial there is a student centre where events lead up to the events of 1994.its a permanent area where victims to the genocide serves as a place where they could bury friends and family.

The memorial centre is in Gisozi, this is a ten minutes journey from the centre of Kigali.

In 1994 the systematic mass murder is within Rwanda circulating throughout the world. The genocide is represented by tribal based ethnic, the Tutsis victims and Hutus. The people are actually murdered in 500,000 and over million. The people killed are accepted as being somewhere close to 900,000.

Kigali city council started constructed the shell of building which eventually turned into a memorial center.

Texts three are printed in three languages that are designed in UK head office by their design team.

Memorial centre has one six centers in Rwanda genocide. There are Murambi memorial center and Ntarama Genocide Memorial centre others are located at Nyarubuye and Nyamata. The people brought from all over the capital was left on the street or thrown in the river. This memory was opened in 1999.

The centre began from Kigali city; there was no prediction since over 1,500 survivors visit the area every day. There 60,000 people from variety of backgrounds visited.

There documents that describe the history of Rwanda .there very many similar sites these include Japan, Cambodia, Germany, Bosnia, these sites include tools of remains that were used during the war.

The genocide in 1994 helped Rwanda’s trauma a historical .the exhibition of genocide violent the world.

The Education centre is a memorial Garden and National record center which contributes to meaningful perishable form which is powerful educational tool for the next future.

Kigali Memorial centre is an international project.the area has over thousands of visitors.

Kigali centre is a memorial site with over 250,000 genocide who were buried  in a mass grave.



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