Gorilla tracking rules

Gorilla tracking rules :Gorilla trekking rules and regulations apply; the rules are set by the Wildlife Authorities. Gorilla trekking

A maximum of 8 visitors is allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas in a day, a group of eight people helps to minimize the behavioral disturbance and risk of exposure to human borne diseases.

Wash your hands before you head for mountain Gorillas.

While trekking the mountain Gorillas you must keep your voices low, in order to be able to observe the mammals, bird life, trees, beautiful sceneries in the forest.

Do not litter rubbish in the forest, whatever you carry you must carry eat back out with you.

When the trek starts follow the Gorilla trails to locate them, as you trek spot a number of attractions including mammals, trees, primates, birds, falls, geckos and many more.

Trace the mountain Gorillas as they feed, play; groom each other, and move and many more.

Mountain Gorillas

Stand at a distance of 7 feet the further you stand the more relaxed are the mountain Gorillas.

Do not move alone stay in a tight group.

Keep your voices low in case of any question as the guide.

Do not smoke, eat or drink anything near the mountain Gorillas. Dropped food will increase the risk of transmission of diseases.

Do not look into the Gorillas eyes direct sometimes Gorillas take charge, do not look Gorillas in the eyes direct in the eyes and wait for the animal to pass.

Do not attempt to run away this will increase the risk.

Flash photographs are not permitted, take pictures and move very slowly.

Gorillas are wild animals do not temper to touch them.

Your given one hour to spend with the mountain Gorillas.

When you’re done spending one hour with the Gorillas donot talk with loud voices  not until 200 meters away from them.

Following the rules and regulations minimize the risk.

Respect the limits that are imposed on the number of visitors that are allowed to trek the mountain Gorillas.

For those feeling ill, or carrying any contagious diseases,the park rangers will have another alternative visit arranged or request your money to be refunded.

Do not sneeze or cough near  the Gorillas ,turn your head away and cover your nose and mouth  in order to minimize the spread of bacteria.


Ear plugs for those who feel uncomfortable with jungle sounds

Comfortable hiking shoes

Rain gears,sunscreen lotion,hat

Packed lunch

Camera flashes are not recommended.


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