Lake Gorge is one of the lakes in Uganda located in the western part of East Africa rift valley. It’s approximately 250 sq km with a depth of 2.4 meters.

There a number of inflows from extensive mountain Rwenzori range which is from northeastern agricultural area. The major inflows are Mpanga from the northeast, Nsonge, Mubuku and Rumi.

The outflow is into Kazinga channel which also drains towards Lake Edward. On the shores of lake Gorge in the north part their lined with dense papyrus swamp. The water levels of Lake Gorge keep fluctuating to a very minimal level. The lake is at 914 meters in altitude all above sea level; Lake George catches most in within the Rwenzori ranges. Agriculture   is the main activity in the area which takes in the areas of north-East.

Lake George experiences two rainy seasons, these take places within May and October these are peak rainy seasons, ranging from 3-194mm.The Lake is productive and profitable in fishing. The islands on the lake include Iranqara ,Akika and Kankuranga. The fauna of Lake George is dominated by herbivores, like fish including Tilapia, nilotica, copepod, Thermocyclops, hyalines, Haplochromis   ,nigripinnis and many more.

There papyrus that border the swamps of Ramsar wetland area these areas are habitats to Sitatunga antelope, spot the shoebill stock which is most visited by tourist birders.

Lake George is mostly known as  a fishing site .



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