Ssezibwa falls was  born as a  twins River to a human mother who was known as Nakkungu Tebatuusa  on her way to Kavuma Bunkunja, were she gave birth on her way this is also where her twin is said to have flowed towards  her mother’s village in the East and Sezibwa flowing to the west side.

River Sezibwa is one of the active spiritually spirits these including as Nalongo Kkubo helped it overcome the obstacles along the way. Nalongo’s spirit took a snake and established its home with the rock caves. Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda Kingdom based on Sezibwa falls in 1884.

Ssezibwa twin that flowing to the west through hardships however it was determined to flow moving to mean ‘Sezibwa Kkubo” hence the origin of its name Sezibwa falls from the Sezibwa river.

Sezibwa falls is where many locals come for traditional place for healing in order to obtain blessings including child birth, healing   and many more.

Ssezibwa falls inflows from the wetlands within Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga.

The falls are 7 meters with outstanding amazing scenery, reach in traditional practices transforming into a tourists hub where lovers of birds the area has many birds to spot, primates these including red tailed monkey, white colobus monkey and many more, amazing beautiful scenery  and a lot to encounter.

There is a shrine where some traditional objects and a lot of people flock in the area to consult from the spirits, the objects include pots ,bark cloth, beans, spears, pots and many more.

The falls are cultural site; the campsite is a few meters away from the falls with basic facilities for day and night use.

There are continental meals with basic facilities one needs for a night, for the need, meals are provided from the restaurant and socked bar giving meals.

Sezibwa falls has a number of 200 species of birds including Woodland Kingfisher, snake birds, parrots, olive birds, lesser stripped swallows, cormorants, red eyed dove, black Makins, chested nigro, great blue, red chested cuckoo, warblers and many more.

There are also reptiles including Cobras, horned adder and many more.

Hike to the top of the rock and the falls cross to view the splendid waters before cascading into seven meter fall, you can as well jump off the cliff on top of the falls making your trip more amazing and interesting.

The tourists come with packed foods ,your given one hour to have a picnic within the rocks as you hear the songs of birds and whispers of the falls, enjoy the nature walks and many more.

Traditional healers through the spirits, natural trees for treating many diseases including fig tree, toothache ,African currip tree, treat stomach upsets and skin rashes this is the wild Olive tree.

Start from Kampala 32 kilometers from Kampala-Jinja road highway about 2 Kilometers of the main road as you travel to the eastern part of Uganda.

Sezibwa falls can be visited all year round this happens during dry season ,tourists use a four wheel drive car since the Road from Kayanja village is not developed and its slippery .


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