Northern Uganda  : This is one of the regions in Uganda with over twenty four districts and tribes like the Acholi, Langi, Jonam, Lulya, Alur, Madi, Kunam, Kakwa, Pokwot, Sebei, and many others. These people are well known for the cattle activity but they are just as welcoming as any other region in Uganda and friendly too you will love it here. The long distance here is worth it from the capital city Kampala.

Stepping away from the usual statistics of districts and people and all,  we will quickly dive into the top five attractions; we have the best Lake Kyoga, Pian Upe Game reserve, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National park and Matheniko Game Reserve.

Matheniko Game Reserve. Located in Moroto district this is the major wildlife conservation area in Karamoja region in the North and has similar conditions to those of Somalia and Masaai-land  meaning it has semi-desert conditions but with rains. Therefore making the period between April-May and November, the best times to come and see it. The features that make this place stand-out and unique are the vegetation, mountains and rocky outcrops but it is rarely visited (how sad!) and it is because it is in a remote area. It has animals like Jackals, Cheetahs, Leopards, Civets and many others with activities like Mountain and rock climbing, cultural, game drives and Sport-hunting. Come and visit!

Northern Uganda
Matheniko Game Reserve

Murchison Falls National Park. Situate in Lolim Masindi, this park sits on the shores of Lake Albert. This park is well known for being the most powerful waterfall in the world! Imagine that…coming to Uganda and being among the many that gt to experience on of the world’s treasures. Every second, the equivalent of about 200 bathtubs full of water is forced through a gorge less than seven paces wide. Don’t believe me? Come and see it for yourself around December through to February when it is the best time to see it and take part in various activities, Northern Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park. Situated on over 1,442 km2 this national park is located in Karamoja this park is unique as it is an important birding safari area in Uganda; it has over 450  bird species which is what makes it unique, come and see the birds that you won’t see every where, I mean, where else is one going to find all these birds in one place. Although I do  think that we have a bird Sanctuary somewhere in southern Uganda. The best time to see these birds is between July and august, Northern Uganda.

Pian Upe Game reserve. This is located in Moroto district as well being very remote and semi-arid, this game reserve is one of the most fascinating and interesting distinct wild lands dominated by wooden Savannah plains surrounded by mountains and also cut between rock-strewn ridges and plateaux. Come around June and August to see it best. Have fun taking part in game drives sport hunting and meet the lovely ostriches there and safe accommodation that will make you feel right at home

Northern Uganda
Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Lake Kyoga. Located in Soroti this a large shallow lake in Uganda the Victoria Nile flows through it on its way to Lake Victoria. What makes it unique is the fact that it is the swampiest lake in Uganda because of its shallow nature. The best time to see it is between January and March when the weather is nice an favorable to do activities like boat riding and game park activities as there is a game park located at the shores of the lake. Come and take part in cultural activities too and have fun, Northern Uganda.

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