TOP BIRDS OF MGAHINGA NATIONAL PARK : Mgahinga national park is famous for housing the Virunga Mountains namely Mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga and Mount saying that it shares with volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the mountain gorillas that can be seen when you participate in gorilla trekking in Uganda one of the most sought after activities in the park. Although gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park is the most famous activity and hiking the Virunga mountains, birding in the park has also picked up on the pace making it one of the activities that one should not miss out on during your Uganda safari the activity will give you a chance to see at least 100 bird species out of the 350 bird species that have been recorded in the park which are quite rewarding.

During birding in Mgahinga national park, you will have a three to four hours’ gorge trail between Gahinga and Sabyinyo where you will have sightings of numerous common bird species in the park migratory, Albertine rift endemic species, a number of migratory species from Europe and many other interesting bird species that will make your birding expedition quite memorable. Other birding spots in the park include the bamboo belt at 2500m above sea level and the tall montane forest at 2,660m. The best time to participate in birding in Mgahinga national park is during the months of April to mid-May and during the months of October and November when there are migratory species that help increase the sightings during your birding expedition of top birds of Mgahinga National Park.

African paradise flycatcher

The bird species can be seen in singles and pairs and during their breeding season and feeding they can be seen converging in large numbers. As you get to the bird you will get to hear the repeated dzee-dzee sound and when you get to it you will be amazed by it beautiful colourful appearance. The male has central tail feathers at least 20 centimetres long which is not the case for the females that have smaller crests.

Black kite

The black kite is often mistaken for an eagle because of its resemblance however the black kite is a medium-sized bird with a short neck and head and slightly forked tail but interesting about the tail is the fact that it can disappear when the tail is fully opened.  The black kite can be seen gliding and changing direction while they fly in the forests of the park

Cape robin chat

An interesting bird species with short white eyebrows and a rufous chest and a grey belly making it the only bird in the robin chat species with a grey belly. They are eye-catching with their outer tail feathers orange which makes them quite visible during flight and these can be seen in pairs or singles as well.

Cape robin chat

Pin-tailed whydah

The small songbird with a long tail can be seen in breeding males, which you will also get to see during your birding experience. The bird is about 12 to 13 centimetres in length and for a breeding male, its length will go up to 20cm with the help of its long tail. The bird is characterised by dark brown and white patches on their wings

Speckled mousebird

You will get to see this eye-catching bird species with a unique appearance that will make your birding expedition quite memorable. The bird has a black face and brown crest which helps it to be differentiated from other mousebirds. The bird can be seen in small social groups and can be seen feeding on fruits, leaves, flowers and nectar and when they are done eating they can be seen hanging upside down exposing their black skin on their bellies.

Dusky Crimsonwing

The dusky Crimsonwing is among the common bird species that can be seen during your birding expedition in Mgahinga national park. The bird is under the waxbill family and when you get in contact with it, you will get to see that its back and face are red in colour however the intensity of the colour varies in the males and the females where the males have more red on the face. You will get to hear their high-pitched ‘’tsit’’ when you reach their territories.

Moorland chat

The small long-legged and short-tailed bird is another common bird species that you will have the chance to see during your safari in the park. The bird has a number of unique features that make its appearance very eye-catching for instance the tail has a black and white T pattern that is visible during flight among other rewarding features that will make the activity quite memorable.

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