Sibiloi National park is located in the Northeastern region of Kenya along the shores of Lake Turkana, it was established in in 1973, and it is being manged by the government with a main purpose of protecting all the wildlife animals in the country. and this national park covers a total surface area of about 1,570 square kilometers and it was short listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and this national park is situated along the shores of Lake Turkana and it is a home to over beautiful archaeological sites which include the Koobi Fora and this game park is characterized by its semi-desert, beautiful mountains like Mount Sibiloi, open plains, forests which are all act as good natural habitat to many wildlife species. In addition, exploring within this national park gives you chances to see many attractions around the park and some of these include;

Attractions in Sibiloi National park.

Wildlife Animals.

Sibiloi National park is considered as a perfect destination to travel to while planning to go on an adventurous safari in Kenya because one gets chances to sight see many animals as they tour around the park such as; gravy zebras, beisa Oryx, topi, Burch ell’s, lions, cheetah crocodiles which are found are normally spotted around Lake Turkana, lesser kudu and many others.

Karari Escarpment.

Sibiloi national park has Karari escarpments as one of the top tourist attraction in the country which seen as a low ridge which extends to the south consisting of fluvial deposits and flood slits. More so, this site is extremely occupied with large samples of stone artifacts and it is famously known for its excavations of the ancient sites.

Many communities.

Exploring around this national park gives you opportunities to visit within the neighbouring communities while during your free time and to get to interact with the local people as you get to learn more about their traditions and cultures. More so, these communities are richly blessed and unpolluted therefore, some these include; the Turkana, Dassanach and the Gabbra among others. In addition, during the dry season tourists get to see the nomads such as the “the Samburu” and the “Rendile” who also tend to reside within the surrounding areas. And associating with these local people gives individuals chances to learn about how they live their daily lifestyle such as; how they dress, how they prepare their local meals, how they speaks and also learn a lot their history from listening from their stories. In addition, these local people usually welcome their guests with their interesting dance performances, which are exciting to watch, and many others.


Sibiloi National park is also ranked as one of the best birding destinations in the country, which has large population of bird species that are always available in the park for bird lovers to sight see. Therefore, some of these birds include; Somali bee eater, Ostrich, Kori and Heuglin’s bustard, Chestnut bellied sandgrouse, ducks, pelicans, taita falcon, fox kestrel, kori and many others.

Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana, which was also formerly known as Lake Rudolf majorly, has around three volcanic islands whereby the south and Central of them were national parks. This lake is considered a one of the main attractions in the park, which derived its name from “jade sea” which helps to describe its alluring beauty, and it is found in the middle of the Volcanic Island. More so, its greenish waters and the turquoise color of the water hence considering it as a good breeding place for many migrant bird species characterize this lake.

Koobi Fora.

The Koobi For a is located in the North of Alia Bay and is a place which has supported intensive research which allows the construction of the Lake basins to provide a way for the studying about geology and also learn more about animal and human evolution among others.

More so, there are many more other attractions in the park such as the Jarigole pillars which are famously known as excavation sites that contain the highest artefact density and are also referred to as a pre iron age burial ground which contain of archaeological artifacts such as; figurines, beads, lithic artifact among others and petrified forest which was formed as a result of the scrub land that is surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers and many others.

Sibiloi National park
Koobi Fora

In addition, a tour in Sibiloi National park blesses tourists with opportunities to engage into so many interesting activities where they learn new things and these include; game drives, cultural encounters and community visits, guided nature walks where individuals are always accompanied with park guides, bird watching, wildlife viewing and many others. In addition, the best time to visit this park is during the dry season, which is between months of June to September however, one can also choose to visit at any time during the year.

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