Mangroves National Park is the smallest national park in Democratic Republic of Congo. The park is located along the shores of the mighty Congo River covering an area of about 768 square kilometers in size and was gazetted in 1992 and has been declared a Ramsar wetland because of its remarkable biodiversity and vast mangrove forests. Mangroves National Park is the only marine park in the country. The national park are comprised of mangroves, lush forests, oak trees, walnut trees, red cedar, and African oak.  Mixed in with the forest is a variety of brush vegetation and areas of grasslands. The park is home to a variety of habitants such as snakes, crocodiles, hippos, bushbucks, southern reedbuck and several species of primates, reptiles, amphibians and birds such as African fish eagle, greater flamingo, kingfisher, and goliath heron are some of the coveted bird sightings.

The Mangroves National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo offering unique encounters with the manatee. One of the most popular Congo Safari activities of the national park is boat tours along the Congo River, the park also offers other captivating activities such as birding, nature walks, animal sighting, and fishing among others

What to do in Mangroves National Park


Birding in Mangroves National Park is one of the exciting activities offered in the park. The park is a home to over 250 different species of birds, making it a bird paradises. visitors on a Congo birding safari in the park will get an opportunity to spot different bird species including land birds, forest birds as well as water birds such birds includes grey herons, egrets, pied kingfishers, African jacana, mangrove warblers, mangroves kingfisher, western reef heron, African fish eagle, African openbill, African spoonbill are seen while on boat rides, nature walks, hiking and wildlife watching.  Birding in mangroves national park can offer rewarding opportunities to observe a diverse array of avian life adapted to coastal environments.

Boat tours

Boat cruise in Mangrove National Park is one activities that offers you with an opportunity to explore the either by guides boat tours or by renting a kayak or canoes. boat tours in the park allows you to navigate through many waterways, visitors on a boat tours will get an opportunity to see up close the mangroves tress, mammals as well as stunning birds. The boat tour in the park are done along the  banks of river Congo in a dugout canoe, boat  tours in this park is a greater chance for a tourist to enjoy the nature of the river flowing in between densely forested banks.

Wildlife sighting

Wildlife sighting is another exciting activities that a visitor on a Congo safari to Mangroves National Park shouldn’t miss. The park is a home to diverse ecosystems including endangered manatee. Visitors on a wildlife safari in the park will get a great chance to see different wildlife species such as reedbucks, bushbucks, monkeys, bats, rodents, mudskippers, the endangered manatee species and snakes easily seen in the mangrove forests.


Fishing in Mangroves National Park is one of the famous activities that you should not miss while in a Congo safari in the park. Fishing is an interesting activity that offers you with the chance to sight various fish species that are caught. Fishing in Mangroves National Park is normally done in Congo River and it’s mainly conducted on a traditional canoes, guided fishing in Mangroves National Park is normally carried out on casting with bait or lures, bottom fishing, trolling, and using traps or nets for crustaceans. During this activity, visitors will get a chance to see some of the common fish caught in mangrove areas such as snappers, groupers, tarpon, barracuda, jacks, and various species of shrimp and crabs. Fishing in mangroves area are commonly for both commercial and subsistence purposes.

Mangroves National Park
Fishing in Mangroves National Park

Guided Hiking /nature walks

Nature treks are one of the mores active ways to explore the landscape and wildlife of Mangroves National Park. Nature walks through the forests, along the rivers as well as the mangroves grassland offers you with the scenic views of the landscapes where you may spot a variety of mangroves forests and water species such as grey herons, egrets, pied kingfishers, African jacana, mangrove warblers, mangroves kingfisher, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, bushbucks, southern reedbuck, monkeys as well as having a unique opportunity to get extremely close to large mangrove forest on foot

Getting to Mangroves National Park

Mangroves National Park is a protected area and Ramseur wetland in Congo. It is the country’s only marine park and is notable for its mangrove forests. It provides protection to the endangered manatee population situated at the mouth of the Congo River. Mangroves National Park can be accessed by road or air transport to Muada town then tourists can drive from Muada town to the park.

When to visit Mangrove National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The park is visited at any time throughout the year, the most appropriate time for visiting the Park is during the wet season when the plants seem to bring on a whole new meaning of lush tropical forestry and it is the best time to get good scenery of Mangroves.  During the wet months which runs from march to May and the October to November, visitors will be highly rewarded with a lot of wild plants come to life to give nature its full meaning as the dry season provides a proper glimpse of the wildlife sunbathing at the ocean side.

Where to stay in Mangrove National Park Democratic Republic of Congo

There is no accommodation yet at Mangroves National Park, tourists can carry their own camping gear or sleep in hotels at Muada town. The town hotels range from Budget, mid-range, and luxurious.

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