Bahai temple Kampala, started in the year of 1951, after some years there were 500 Bahai  temples in 80 localities these will include 13 Bahai local spiritual Assembles.


Idi Amin during his reign banned and murdered the head of the cause Olinga Enoch and his family. The community keeps growing in order to estimate the population range which is widely from 190000 to 10, 5000.


The Bahia temple   is the local spiritual assembly in the country as elected in April 1952 Kampala.

Bahai temples in 1952 were 55 members of the region for hosting the   meetings. In 1952 October the members and  of the  religion including  tribes including GweroGishu, Ganda ,Kakamega ,sega, luo, Teso, the six women ,18 were in Kampala in Teso country. Olinga Bahai’s effected a change in character when they converted to the religion and giving up alcoholism.

Specious accident where Olinga’s car was rammed and forced   down a hill by a troop transport.

Bahia Temple is located on Kikaya Hill, 7kilometers from city center, which is along Kampala Gayaza Road. The Temple is the only one in Africa and part causing a number of tourists to flock into the country from all over the world.

There only eight Bahia temples in the world, and Bahia temple of Uganda being the mother temple of Africa located in Uganda.


Bahia temple of Uganda has a number of economic and social development programmers in Uganda, this aimed at promoting the local communities.

The temple is 130 feet high and 100 meters diameter like tiles rises over 124 feet and 44 feet in diameter.

The construction of the temple was made of fixed mosaic tiles, green dome, the material where imported from Italy, the lower tiles are from Belgium.

The temple walls were built by use of quarried stone in Uganda. The glass panels were bought from Germany. Benches and doors were from Uganda. Bahia Temple  was later on designed by  Charles Mason Remey.

The temples is open to all religions regardless of belief ,it brings all races of fait to meet and pray together ,Where all people of different races worship God .

The scriptures in Bahia temple are chanted or read inside the temple these are read in any language.


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