Devil Cauldron(Murchison falls) is one of the  amazing  attractions  in Murchison falls National Park, which is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda. The area where the water squeezes through a narrow gorge of 7km and roars is called the Devils cauldron, as the water thunders and roars it creates an amazing spot of rainbow with magnificent view.

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To view the Devils cauldron in Murchison falls national park one needs to book a boat ride with the tour operator in charge of their safari, the boat ride takes 15-10 meters to the Devils cauldron.

 Visit the area and enjoy as taking pictures keeping them for memories, appreciate the beauty of the second longest river in the world after Amazon in North America. View the 7 meters narrow gorge where the water of the Nile squeezes and burst into the Devils Cauldron.

The boat ride takes approximately 30-50 minutes from the starting point; the boat ride to the Devils Cauldron takes 30-50 minutes. There a number of aquatic mammals to see such as hippopotamuses, birds, crocodiles, Giraffes, elephants and many more to spot during during the boat ride.

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