Igongo cultural center is located along Mbarara highway 12km from Mbarara to Kampala the capital city of Uganda; Igongo cultural center displays the history cultural of the Ankole land. The place is a former palace of the Ankole king, cultural artifacts.

The restaurants at the cultural center serve traditional Ankole dishes, including the Ankole cow’s milk, boiled meat and many more.

The center has a well vanished new Hotel, a library with interesting historical books of Ugandan material.

There also a monument of eclipse across the centre at the top of Biharwe Hill. The eclipse monument was built to commemorate a victory for the Ankole kingdom 500 years ago, this eclipse saw the invading king retreat in fear he never returned, he spooked as the day plunged into the darkness.

Visitors explore their grandparents living with collections of historical artifacts that are brought to life with clay models and featured presentations.

Cultural village shows a traditional homestead complete with real milk gourds, calabashes, hides and skins a fireplace together with grinding stones, flour, millet, and farming tools.

The center features information about the ancient tribes and clans of Uganda.



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