Ihamba hot springs are located in Kabale Southwestern part of Uganda; the hot springs derive their name from the Bahima people who live in this area.

Ihamba hot springs are known for their healing powers, the Bakiga of Kigezi and the locals that used to come to find their healing at splendid springs.Their believed to heal backache and many more.

Ihamba hot springs have chemicals and minerals like chloride, potassium, calcium phosphate and many more, the minerals are believed to have medical values.

While visiting the Ihimba hot springs you can as well visit the Bahima people who have got very many unique culture, where cultural values and hot to live their day to day live, buy some souvenirs from the local shops for memories after your amazing trip.

While visiting the Ihamba hot springs have a chance to  trek the famous mountain Gorillas in the nearby forests including in Virunga massif, Mgahinga national park include a number of activities.

Ihamba hot springs are located at great lakes region, wehere tourists can visit the Semiliki national park as well to spot a number of animals including zebras, Kobs, Buffaloes, warthogs, lions, elephants and many more.


There are a number of birds at Ihamba hot springs, the great destination with over 600 bird species including fish eagles, bare faced go, sunbirds, barbet and many more.

Ihamba hot springs can be accessed from Kabale-Katuna road which is 8 kilometers from the main road.


There are a number of accommodations in Kabale from budget, midrange and accommodation with amazing customer care.


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