Is mountain gorilla trekking the same as chimpanzee trekking

Is mountain gorilla trekking the same as chimpanzee trekking : Well yes and No…! Answering this question can be tricky because of the thin between similarities and differences; these primates both live in forested areas, both herbivores, both live in communities or groups led by a male, both share about 98% DNA with human beings and both great tourism attractions. So there is so much the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees share in common. But is trekking mountain gorillas the same as trekking chimpanzees?

Below we make our arguments and we shall you let you make the best conclusion.

Yes, because trekking means the same thing in both cases. Trekking literally means taking long arduous walks in any place in this case a forest.  On any mountain gorilla trekking experience or chimpanzee trekking experience you will walk through forest searching for these famous primates until you find them and spend an hour in their presence observing them. Then after the one hour being in the primate company you will then trek back through the forest back to your destination. This happens for both mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

No, because mountain gorillas are not chimpanzees and chimpanzees are not mountain gorillas meaning the end goal of the trek you will see a particular animal, the animal you are trekking. Mountain gorillas also live in higher altitudes so trekking the gorillas as the name suggests they live in mountainous forests, meaning when trekking the mountain gorillas you are moving up the mountain. Unlike the chimpanzees that stay in the lower altitudes of rain forests; when you are trekking the chimpanzees you are trekking on lower terrains of forests, more like moving on fairly flat ground or moderately raised ground.

Yes, because all these trekking activities are basically to help conserve the primates. Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees are both endangered species, their numbers are swiftly decreasing due to various reasons hence need to protect and conserve them. And this what the trekking experiences do for both primates, the funds from the trekking experience are used to implement conservation programs for both primate species.

Is mountain gorilla trekking the same as chimpanzee trekking
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Yes, because the rules the guide mountain gorilla trekking are the same rules that guide chimpanzee trekking, These rules include but not limited to:- keeping a 7 meter distance between you and primates, not feeding the primates, not using flash photography when taking pictures of the primates, not shouting at the primates, not staring at the primates, not littering the primate habitat, not trekking when you are sick especially in this season of the COVID -19 virus, don’t trek when you have signs of COVID-19  and observe the COVID-19 SOPs as you trek.

No, because of the difference in cost of trekking each species. Mountain gorilla trekking will cost a trekker 700 USD while chimpanzee trekking will cost a trekker 200 USD.

No, because of the difference in time of booking for a trekking experience. For mountain gorilla trekking you will have to book your trekking permit way in advance about 3 to 2 months before well as for chimpanzee trekking you can even book a week before the trek, though it’s advisable to book your trekking permit about one month before your trek.

Is mountain gorilla trekking the same as chimpanzee trekking
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No, because of the number of people on the trekking experience or trekking group. For mountain gorilla trekking, a trekking group has only 8 people well as for a chimpanzee trekking a trekking group has 10 to 12 people.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is done all year round in Bwindi National park and Mgahinga National Park. Chimpanzee trekking is done all year round mainly in Kibale National park and other places like Kalinzu forest, Budongo forest, Kyambura gorge and Ngamba Island.

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