Islands in Uganda : Uganda has over 90 beautiful Islands located in the various lakes. These Islands in Uganda are hidden treasures with several surprises. The various Islands in Uganda offer great and unique exploration, sightseeing, rambling and sporting opportunities. The Safaris to the Islands are the perfect setting for ending a safari tour in Uganda with Sun, Sandy Beaches, Fishing, Swimming, Nature walks on private islands, birding, horseback riding, bike and ATV – Quad Biking, fishing, boating, wind surfing, sunset cruises. Some of the Islands also offer cultural attractions such as the cultural sites of Mukasa and Wanema, nature walks on the islands, caves, and a range of religious sites in Bumangi and Bungoma. Some of the major Islands in Uganda include:

Ssese Islands

This is an archipelago of 84 beautiful islands lying off the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria with beaches. The Ssese Islands thriving amidst the waters of the gigantic Victoria Lake have great tourism potential that would attract a range of world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda. The Ssese Islands are surrounded by the second largest lake in the continent and the world at large. Common activities Boating is a normal way of life, from fishing boats, to Sail Boats, Motorized Boats of all kind.

Musambwa Island

This Island is a group of three rocky islands located approximately five kilometers offshore from Kasensero Landing site in Rakai District off the shores of Sango Bay region in Lake Victoria. Some birds can be spotted at Musambwa Island.

Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is located in Lake Victoria, Uganda and its area is only 100 acres of which 98 acres are occupied by rain forested. It is 23km from Entebbe town and is popular because of the Chimpanzee’s sanctuary. The Island is nicknamed ‘Chimp Island’ because of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The chimps at Ngamba tolerate human presence and do not scamper off. They therefore can be viewed at very close range especially during feeding times

Buggala Island

Buggala is the largest Island in the Lake Victoria and the best developed for tourism. Kalangala, located on the eastern end of the Islands is the administrative centre for the islands. Some of the animals you can’t miss while there include vervet monkey, bushbuck, black and white colobus. For those who love bird watching, there are several water and forest birds that include varieties of turacos, hornbills, barbets, flycatchers, robin-chats and many other species. Lutoboka Bay is located just a few distance away and hosts the islands cluster of resort beaches and offers a variety of beach activities.

Bukasa Island

Bukasa Island is the second largest on Lake Victoria and it is very attractive. The Island is mostly forested and monkeys and birds are plentiful. Points of interest are a plunge pool surrounded by forest and a waterfall.

Bunyonyi Islands

These are several Islands all found on Lake Bunyoni, Southwestern Uganda. The Islands are very attractive and worth visiting. The most notable Islands in Bunyonyi are Bwama, Bushara, Itambara, Akampene and Akabucuanuka. Bwama is the largest and apart from the sights and causual exploration opportunities, on it is a centre for the disabled. Itambira has most beautiful scenery. Akampene is called the Island of Punishment because in traditional Bakiga community, sex before marriage was forbidden and was punishable in a very harsh way. The girl in the act of fornication would be banished to the Island and suffered two fates; any man interested in her would take her after paying the bride price or in the event that no man is interested, she would starve to death.

Islands in Uganda
Activities to do on Lake Bunyonyi

There are more islands in Uganda worth exploring. Some of which may include; Bufumira, Banda, Nsirwe Island, Bugaba, Bubembe, Funve Serinya, Kitobo Islands

You will notice that most of these Islands are found in Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa. Lodging choices are varied and many from budget to moderate lodging, Family and a perfect Honeymoon and Romantic Lodges. The Ssese Islands as one of the best places to relax and chill out with its tropical Sun, sandy beaches, palm trees, quaint fishing villages, cool forests, simply offer one of Uganda’s best places to relax as visitors come to Uganda or are ready to return to their country.


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