Itanda falls Jinja, the falls are located in Jinja, the falls replace the Bujagali falls. Itanda falls is about 27 kilometers from Jinja however well driving it takes 45 minutes. River Nile in Jinja District, Itanda falls is the hidden treasure where rafters and Kayakers, this area is where tourist.

Bujagali falls disappeared after a new power dam, Itanda falls gained popularity and attention been placed on the jewel of the Nile.

Itanda falls are great sounds and sights along the historical River Nile not to be missed by visitors to Jinja. You will view the wild power of nature unleashed.

Itanda falls has amazing water roars kayaking and rafters from around the world.

Itanda falls is where the Nile power is unleashed one stands out in awe as they look out on the river, it’s a thrilling sound of rushing waters of the falls roaring.

Itanda falls has about 3 levels of rapids they go up to grade 6.Itanda falls is the most spectacular place  for rafter, kayaker to exercise the cautions of rapids of Itanda falls.

Itanda falls cannot easily be located beyond Jinja, unless you contact the tour operators to schedule your tour.

Itanda falls is un-spoilt area where one experiences the Authentic Uganda. The Itanda falls can’t be traced easily like the source of the Nile’s way to the falls not paved with souvenir stand and hawkers.

Itanda falls at Jinja is a Nile non-commercialized for many years. To the locals the falls are considered as a sacred site “blessed area” the people living near the falls come to pray for miracles when they need a physical miracle.

Jinja waterfall along the river Nile which is the second longest river in the world, Itanda falls located along the Nile, the Nile attracts more visitors for a reason of enjoying Jinja on the Nile


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