Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park is a wildlife treasure and one of the many national parks in Uganda, the park is located in North East Uganda in the Karamojong region; over 8 hours away from the country’s capital Kampala about 792 kilometres. Because of this long distance most travellers opt to fly to the park which is a one hour and forty five min flight.  

Though really far from the capital and the international airport, it’s a worthwhile travel to the park, that’s why it’s called a wildlife treasure. Kidepo National Park has over 80 mammal species of which 28 are only in Uganda Kidepo National Park.  These mammals include but not limited to Lions, Elephants, Cheetahs, Leopards, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Bat-eared fox, striped hyenas, Caracal, Hunting dogs, Elands, bush bucks, Bohor reed buck, Impalas, Topis, jackson’s hartebeest, oribi and many more.

Kidepo National Park is home to over 475 bird species with some species endemic only to the Karamojong like the Karamoja Apalis. Bird Species in Kidepo National Park are Verreaux’s Eagle, Lammergeyer, Neophron, Pygmy Falcon, Black-Breasted Barbet, Ostriches, hornbills, Egyptian Vulture and may more.

This park that sits on 1,442 sq kms of land is covered with rugged savannah vegetation and has a unique landscape with a couple of highlands and mountains (Mount Morungole); inside the park, there is a seasonal river – Kidepo River that adds to amazing beauty of this National Park.

Other interesting features in the park include the Kanangorok Hot Springs that are scenic to view and experience; the hot springs are found a few kilometres from the Kidpeo River.

 The people that stay around the park are called Karamojongs and Ike and their live in small communities of related families. They are pastoralists and tend cattle as their cultural work among other things. 

On your visit to Kidpeo National Park you will engage in any or all the activities that will give you full exploration of the park’s beauty and wildlife. 

Game Drives

Kidepo National Park, being home to numerous wildlife, you will be delighted to see all these animals on your stay in the Park. The park offers game drives through the park that enable you see all the animals in  the park; an exhaustive game drive in the park will normally take up to two days though you can also have a one day the game drive. 

Game drives in the park are done in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. These are all already scheduled game drive time but if you desire to have a private game drive that can also be arranged. 


Bird watchers love Kidepo National Park because of the wide variety of birds that you can watch in the park, also the park’s climate is moderately dry, making birding expeditions more enjoyable without rain interruptions. 

Birding in the park is day all day, but mainly in the morning and afternoon. Birding is usually combined with a nature walk or a game drive depending on the preference of the birder. 

Nature walk 

Nature walks in Kidepo National Park are such a refreshing adventures; you get to explore the beauty of the park, visiting different landscape points that make this park unique, the seasonal river – Kidepo river, the Kanangorok Hot Springs and many other features. The Nature walks are best done in the afternoons but they can also be done in the mornings.

Kidepo National Park
Kidepo National Park

Ike community tour 

Outside the park, one can visit the Ike people on an Ike community tour. This tour will take you to several Ike communities where you will interact with the people, engage in different cultural activities, food collection and preparation, folks, dances and songs; among other things.  Ike community tours can be done in the mornings or in the afternoons. 

That said you should plan to visit this park whenever you come to Uganda. Accommodation facilities for luxury, budget and midrange clients are available within the park.

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