Lake Mburo National Park 

Lake Mburo National Park located in western Uganda is the smallest national park in Uganda sitting on 260 sq km of savannah vegetation and water. Lake Mburo is the largest lake of the five lakes found in this park hence the name lake Mburo National Park. 

Lake Mburo National Park 

Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 68 mammal species that live in the park and make up the animal structure of the park. These animals include Impalas, Antelopes, Elands, Zebras, Buffaloes, hippos, jackals, hyenas, and crocodiles among other animals. These animals are viewed on game drives, nature walks and game drives. 

Lake Mburo National park’s flora is made up of several plant species that  make a beautiful covering of the park’s savannah vegetation. 

Lake Mburo National Park is home to over 313 bird species that stay in the park’s savannah and wetland vegetation. The bird species in the park include but  not limited to:- that include; common Francolin, white winged warbler, blue napped mouse bird, brown parrot emerald spotted wood Dove, African watted lover Rufous naped, crested francolin, green wood hoopoe, trilling cisticola, red necked spur fowl, African grey hornbill and many more. 

Lake Mburo itself is a fish hub with 6 famous fish species including Tilapia, mud fish and lung fish that are fished daily from the lake waters either by visitors to the park or locals. 

Of all the animal parks in Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park is considered the nearest park to the country’s capital taking you between 3 – 4 hours of driving to reach the park from Kampala. 

Tourism activities done in Lake Mburo National Park include but not limited to:-

Game drives 

Like any other animal park, you expect to have a game drive in Lake Mburo National park to see and enjoy the various animals that inhabit the park. The game drives allow you to cover all ends of this park viewing several animals as they live their everyday life. The park offers morning, afternoon, evening and night game drives; and it’s known to be the perfect park for night game drives. 

Boat cruise

Boat cruises in Lake Mburo National Park are done on Lake Mburo and a boat cruise gives you a refreshing experience on the lake as view different water animals and birds as well as the scenic vegetation and wetland landscape.  


Lake Mburo National Park has some of the best spots for bird watching and being home a variety of bird species this is a complimentary feature to the park. Birding spots in the park include but not limited to Warukiri and Miriti Swamps.


Fishing in Lake Mburo National Park is done for leisure and also for food; the park has five lakes so fishing is inevitable. Most fishing activities in the park are done in Mazinga with the commonest fish caught being Tilapia, which is a community delicacy. 

Nature Walks 

Taking a walk in Lake Mburo National Park, allows you to explore the unique beauty of the park’s vegetation and lakes as well as other amazing features in the park. 

Lake Mburo National Park 
Lake Mburo National Park

Horseback Riding 

The only National Park in Uganda, where horseback riding is done, this experience offers you an opportunity to ride on horse for leisure, on game viewing, nature tours and birding watching. This is one of the unique experiences at this park that you cannot find in any other park in Uganda. 


For adventurous people, you can take cycling tours through the park riding am wild animals or in the surrounding communities riding through different local communities to experience the uniqueness of the people of that area.

Salt Lick

In the park there is an area where animals lick the salty soil almost daily and tourists can observe this linking either on a nature walk or game drive. However, this salt lick is not normally advised to be taken with a ranger, because the animals may easily turn against you as you observe them. 

This small but rich park, is worth a visit in all aspects and hopefully when you are in Uganda, you will plan to visit the park and enjoy all the tourist activities this amazing small park has to offer you on your trip or Safari.

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