Minimum age for Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National park ,Volcanoes National park in Uganda and Rwanda is respectively 15 years and above. The law is enforced both in Rwanda and Uganda.

The Authorities of the park are serious about the age limit to the extent before they issue the permits one is requested to provide the passport details. Before trekking the Gorillas at the park headquarters one will be requested to produce an original passport in order to sure that Gorilla trekkers are all of the right age.

 There instances where children are below 15 years to trek the Gorillas.

A Uganda Authority may allow a child of below 15 years to trek the mountain Gorillas. This happens when the child is about to celebrate her 15th birth day.

Rwanda and Uganda Gorilla Authority extend sympathy to a child for Gorilla trekking. When the child is below 15 years and expresses maturity and physical fitness there is a possibility of joining the trekkers.

If the above are assured then the child is qualified by the Authorities to trek the Mountain Gorillas. Once all that is proved contact us to ensure your child’s  permit.

Second option is when the parents of the child are willing for their child to trek and incase of anything they should sign a document or agreement (THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREMENT. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about Uganda Wildlife Authority waiver and release of Liability.

Children below the age 15 years are not allowed to trek. Another thing child is known of having communicable diseases, which are easily transmitted to Mountain Gorillas which are already endangered. Sometimes children are unpredictable, they might behave the other way round and encounter with a family of mountain Gorillas.

 In order to avoid a lot of unpredicted things children below 15 years are not allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas except as mentioned above, or subjected to ask permission from UWA in Uganda and Rwanda development board for volcanoes National park.


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