What threats do gorillas face?

What threats do Gorillas face, mountain Gorillas are the largest primates sharing 98% DNA with humans.

The primary threat of Mountain Gorillas starts from forest clearance and degradation, the regions grow human population.

The land for agriculture and competition for limited nature resources, such as firewood lead to vary degrees of deforestation.

Mountain Gorillas is a habitat to develop economic activities, they allow people to meet their daily needs, they will not see Gorillas as competitors, but as means of improving their own risks.


Mountain Gorillas are vulnerable to many same diseases. Gorillas live in small groups consisting of maximum 38 members, which may never recover from sudden fall in numbers which are brought on by diseases, any human disease which is harmful and life threatening.

Tourists are asked to keep   a distance of 7 meters, their conservationists, rangers, poachers, scientist, and local communities. Gorillas succumbed from common skin diseases including mange, scabies or respiratory disease.

There Debris that is left behind in the park by poachers, refugees however there was clearance carried out by

Mountain Gorillas after their discovery, by the European and American scientists and Gorilla hurters   and killed over 50 Gorillas.

Poaches continues  to destroy   mountain Gorillas for food, they hurt with snares, which are set to capture  the antelopes, wildlife ,bush pigs and other wildlife killing  and injuring of Gorillas.

In 60s and 70s Gorillas were poached and sold to foreign countries as trophies and captive specimens; however none of them survived in captivity commonly known as zoos.


Regions of ongoing conflicts and civil unrest are present risk that impact people and wildlife such as Gorillas.

There is losing of habitats which is caused by infrastructure development.

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