Tourist Activities on the Nile River

Tourist Activities on the Nile River: The Nile River is the longest river in Africa and some records show the longest river in the world too. Originating from the North side of Lake Victoria in Uganda, the Nile River stretches from the North end of Lake Victoria through different parts of Uganda and then crosses over to Sudan, Egypt and continues to other places. 

Tourist Activities on the Nile River

People that visit Uganda are thrilled about the Nile River and they always want to visit this great and long river to witness its beauty first hand and have experiences to tell about the Nile River. Well below we list some of the tourist activities done on the Nile River especially in Jinja City. 

Jinja City is a city found in the eastern part of Uganda on the north shores of Lake Victoria, and it’s at the north end of Lake Victoria that the source of the Nile is and also the Nile River is more spread out in Jinja making it possible to enjoy several activities on the Nile in this city compared to other parts of the country where the Nile passes. Jinja City is about 81 km by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda which is roughly 2 to 3 hour drive. The activities listed below are the more pronounced on the Nile, so don’t be surprised if you find other activities that are not on this list. 

Viewing the Source of the Nile 

Viewing the source of Nile is where you stand at the shores of Lake Victoria or take boat ride to see and explore the starting of the Nile River which is only visible from the Northern side of Lake Victoria. This is such a historical and exciting moment that people usually celebrating for many years. 

Bungee Jumping

This is an activity done at some point along the river Nile somewhere near Bujagali falls. This activity involves you free falling into the Nile from a structure about 44m above the Nile. It’s such an adrenaline rash activity and cannot be done by the fainted hearted or persons who fear water and heights. It’s such a thrilling activity for you if you love living on the edge and taking risks.

 White-water rafting 

Another adrenaline rash activity on the Nile River where you face the Nile rapids in such an exciting thrill. White water rafting on the Nile takes from grade 3 up to grade 5 rapids, with 3 being the softest and 5 being the toughest so you should be aware as you take on this activity. On this experience you also get to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the Nile and if the water is calm you can even take a swim. The experience normally takes the whole day and only persons 8 years and above are allowed to take part.

Kayaking in Uganda

If you are not into white water rafting but still want to experience some water adventure you can take on, Kayaking is a very good option for you. Kayaking takes you the on the Nile river paddling at leisure and just enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Nile and the fresh breeze of the Nile. Kayaking though not as adventurous white water rafting is still great water experience. 

Jet Boating 

Jet boating is an experience on the Nile that spins you on top of the Nile rapids at adrenaline rash speeds without even getting into the water. This experience is good for everyone even people who don’t know how to swim and is safe for persons from 5 years to 80+. 

River Boarding 

River boarding also known as River Surfing is an adventurous water activity that involves both white water rafting and river boarding where you face the strongest rapids on the Nile while river boarding the unsafe rapids and surfing the waves. It’s a mixture of almost all the water activities and though very exciting and thrilling it’s not to be taken lightly. 

Tourist Activities on the Nile River
Tourist Activities on the Nile River

Nile Floating

Nile floating is where you take a soft ride by boat, swimming or floating on the peaceful end of the Nile River. This activity is very good for younger children and for families. It also helps you appreciate the beauty of the Nile in a calm and peaceful nature. 

Other activities that are done along the Nile include Sports Fishing, Squad biking and horseback riding. 

A visit to the Nile River will be a thrilling experience for you and your family so don’t hesitate to try it soon. 

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