Visit Akagera National Park this summer

Visit Akagera National Park this summer  : The summer season is here and many of us are making plans or have already made plans to visit Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful country with a lot of scenic features to explore from wildlife, nature, historical sites and landmark sites, this country is simply a beauty.

However most tourists, who visit Rwanda, visit the country for the only mountain gorillas; Rwanda is one of the 3 countries in East Africa that have mountain gorillas and offer mountain gorilla trekking safaris.

Well though mountain gorillas are popular and it’s the only thing you may know about Rwanda, the country has other wild animals about 200 mammal species you can enjoy on your visit to the country.

Almost all these animal species are found in the amazing Akagera National Park in Eastern Rwanda. The park is home to over 200 animal species both land and water animals plus about 450 species of birds. The park’s flora is made up of low-lying plains, woodlands, savannah and wetlands including lakes like Lake Ihema.  A visit to this park will give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful sceneries, animals and birds all in one.

Akagera National Park is open to tourists all year round and receives guests anytime of the year, however as most travellers know, summer is the best time to enjoy the wild and to travel among other things.

So this summer as you plan a visit to Rwanda, you should think about a visit to Akagera National Park and here are some of the reasons why?

  1. Game drives

Game drives in Akagera are simply magical. On Akagera game drives you will have the chance to go through the park’s well developed routes enjoying the unique flora and ambience as you watch several animal species like the elephants, bushbucks, buffaloes, baboons, giraffes, topis, warthogs, elands and many more.

The park offers morning, afternoon and night game drives and the drives take you through the park’s hills and plains.

Visit Akagera National Park this summer
Visit Akagera National Park this summer
  1. Bird Watching

As stated Akagera is home to over 450 bird species so one of the activities you can enjoy this summer in Akagera is bird watching. You can take drives and walks in the park to view the numerous birds and enjoy their sounds. The birds in akagera include:- African fish eagle, African Jacana, white browed coucal, bare faced go away bird among others.

  1. Boat Rides

At Akagera you have the opportunity to take boat rides on the magnificent Lake Ihema. The boat rides are a chance for you to explore the lake and view the different water animals like hippos and crocodiles. The boat rides are a great to bird watch the birds in the trees around and several other water birds.

  1. Sport fishing

If you have a competitive side and feel like get competitive you can also take part in the sport fishing activity on Lake Shakani. This lake has a variety of fish including the Tilapia and Catfish. The fish in the lake is also food to some birds so you have fun sport fishing and enjoy bird watching at the same time as a bonus.

Visit Akagera National Park this summer
Visit Akagera National Park this summer
  1. Nature walks

The park gives its visitors the chance to take walks in the park on the several park trails that lead to forests, lakes and swamps.  These nature walks are a breath of fresh air give the walkers the opportunity to appreciate the park’s flora and environment as a whole.

Other activities you can have in Akagera National park to spice up your summer include: – walking by the fence where you join park guides to patrol the park fences for poachers, cultural tours where you get the opportunity to visit the communities that live near the park.

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