Botanical gardens Entebbe is the perfect introduction to the pearl of Africa, with all the beauty and magical splendor. Botanical gardens are very beautiful within the pearl of Africa. Visitors some times are not aware of the gardens since there not provided on the tour itinerary unless one is a birder.

Entebbe Botanical gardens is a best place which is near Kampala the capital city or Uganda and Entebbe airport a home to the international airport in Uganda, Lake Victoria, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and many more.

There is less number of people, their simply immersed in nature, with sounds of birds.

Botanical gardens are a joyous place where one spends most of the few hours or whole day with picnic lunch making this an adventure.

Entebbe Botanical gardens was established at the turn of the 20th history as a place of flowers, trees, plants which are not only natives to Uganda but from other tropical locations around the world.

The beauty and discovery of flowers, shrubs, trees, insects,  monkeys and amazing bird species.

The gardens are birders paradise taking 40 minutes from Kampala, the entrance price is very, you can as well tour without a guide.

Entebbe Botanical gardens is well equipped but not for the disabled the driver is very slow in a safari vehicle through the park allowing anyone who is unable to walk to   spot a number of birds, gardens.

Botanical gardens Entebbe

Having orthnology book on hand and binoculars makes your time better.

Spot a number of birds at the entrance, in the tall trees some of the birds include owls, Eagles, orange tufted and red chested sunbirds, orange weaver. The breed in bushes on the shores of lake Victoria which is along with slender-billed Northern Brown throated, yellow backed, black headed, Jackson Golden backed, violets black weaver, yellow billed duck, various terns, Grey headed gull ,giant and pied Kingfishers, African open billed, Red chested sunbirds ,Black headed Gonolek ,Swamp flycatcher and many more to spot.

The Medicinal garden, stands of Bamboo, thick underbrush, trees, lovely morning, afternoon or full day in the quite of the Botanical Gardens.

The locals have a Rumor that the Tarzan movie was acted in the Botanical gardens.

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