The 4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking trip will take you to the Eastern part of Uganda to climbing or hike the famous Mt. Elgon. Mount Elgon is found in the East of Uganda and is also shared with Kenya; it’s the 4th highest in East Africa standing at 4,321m high.  It’s an extinct volcano with the main activity of hiking. It is a tricky mountain to climb to the top (Wagagai peak), so hikers who take it on have to be fit.

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However also you can do a short hike to experience the slopes of the mountain.


  • Road trip
  • Hiking

Day 1: Travel to Mbale

You will be up early having breakfast and then head to Mbale. You will drive to the east via several towns with great sceneries including the Mabira forest, tea and sugarcane plantations in Lugazi, Lake Victoria, River Nile at the Owen falls dam, Jinja town among others.

You have some stops in the different towns, where you will enjoy the beauty of the Jinja highway. You will arrive in Mbale in the evening, check into your accommodation and then have dinner and great night rest.

Day 2: Hiking Mount Elgon

You will be up early have breakfast and then go the mt Elgon headquarters for a briefing. After the briefing you will embark on the hike starting from Kapkwai, Kapkwata, or Budadiri Forest exploration centre. During the hike you will have a great adventurous time.

The 4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking trip
Mount Elgon Hike

The hike will end in the evening, you will retire to your accommodation where you will have dinner and a night rest.

Day 3: Travel to jinja

You will be up early have breakfast and after breakfast you will set off for Jinja. You will visit the source of the Nile on this day and spend the rest of the day leisure.

Later you will have dinner and a night rest at your accommodation.

Day 4: Itanda falls and Kampala

You will be up early have breakfast, after breakfast you will then head to the Itanda falls where you will have activities of water adventure of the Nile. This Nile river water adventure will end in the afternoon and after that you will have a late lunch at Itanda falls.

After lunch you will set off for Kampala where you will arrive in the evening. The guide will drop you at a location of your choice and that will be your 4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking trip

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