Activities to do on Lake Bunyonyi : Lake Bunyonyi is located in the South Western region of Uganda in Kabale district and this lake is famously known as the deepest lake in Uganda and in the whole world after Lake Tanganyika. Lake Bunyonyi is situated close to the boarder of Rwanda along Kabale-kisoro road and stands at an elevated area of about 1962 meters above the sea level. More so, Lake Bunyonyo was formed after the eruption that took place from Mount Virunga, which blocked the waters flowing from River Ndego and later created a dam, which resulted into a lake.

Lake Bunyonyi derived its name from a native word, which means “small words” hence emphasizing why Lake Bunyonyi is known as the lake of small birds and it is known to have been in existence for about 8000years. More so, Lake Bunyonyi is famously known as the best destination for birding activities because it is a home to over 200 bird species and these birds are always spotted gathering around the water bodies. This lake is a beautiful place to visit because it has a cool environment in the surrounding because of its vegetation cover that is filled with green lush and the green terraced hills which stand at an elevation that ranges between 2200 to 2478 meters and it also has beautiful islands which act as one of the main tourist attractions and they include; the Bushara island, Akampene island which is usually referred to as the punishment island, Kahugye island, Bwama island, Bacuranuka island and many others.

Activities done while visiting Lake Bunyonyi.

Tourists exploring around Lake Bunyonyi on a Uganda safari always have great opportunities to engage and participate in different exciting activities. These include;

Hiking and guided nature walks.

Tourists planning to have a good time and new experiences while touring around Lake Bunyonyi can always embark on hiking where they are offered the best hiking trails to use as they go through the bamboo forests. However, hiking is best for tourists who are physically fit and in good health conditions due to the fact that this activity always tends to tiring. More so, tourists can also always decide to go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guided and rangers who lead them as they walk through the forests where they get chances to look different wildlife species, mammal species, butterfly species, bird species, and primate species such as; monkeys and many others.

Bird watching.

Tourists most especially those who happen to be bird lovers always have a successful Uganda willdife safari while exploring around Lake Bunyonyi due to the fact that this lake is always referred to as the “lake of little birds” and it is a home to over 200 bird species. More so, lake Bunyonyi acts as a good natural habitat for these bird species because it is surrounded by swamps, forests, islands which are all happen to be good bleeding places for the bird species. tourists can be able to sight see bird species like; African Harrier Hawk, the black heron, grey crowned crane, golden black weaver birds, the levilliant cuckoo, Egrets, sunbirds, wood pecker, raptors and many others.

Mountain biking.

The tour guides always arrange the mountain biking activities on Lake Bunyonyi and the tourists who decide to embark onto the mountain biking activities always get chances to capture clear views of the magical islands, the beautiful lake and the hills in the surrounding. More so, for tourists who do not know where to get these bikes need to know that some of the lodging facilities around Lake Bunyonyi always have these bikes available for hire.

Activities to do on Lake Bunyonyi
Activities to do on Lake Bunyonyi

Cultural encounters.

Tourists touring around Lake Bunyonyi always decide to visit the neighboring communities around the lake where they always meet and interact with the Batwa people who always welcome their visitors by entertaining them with their traditional dance performances and singing their folk songs, tell stories to their visitors which helps tourists to learn a lot about the history of the Batwa people and also learn so much about the local people’s daily lifestyle. More so, these Batwa people, are the first people are famously known to have stayed within the forests but later after the government published these forests as national parks, it led to the displacement of these people hence leading them to be homeless and till today, these people are seen working in people’s farms and work also work as potters in order to earn a living. In addition, for those individuals who stayed within the parks, they are employed as park guides and rangers because they are well conversant with all the parts with the national parks compared to other people.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are many more interesting activities that tourists can engage in while touring around Lake Bunyonyi and these include; Canoeing, zip lining, community visits, guided nature walks, local market tours and many others.

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