Boat rides safety tips : Boat rides are top up safari activities that done in park with water bodies or at places that have water bodies. In uganda boat rides are done mostly in Entebbe on lake Victoria, on the kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park,  on lake Mburo at Lake Mburo National park, on lake bunyonyi, on the Nile river in Jinja and the Nile river in Murchison falls National park. These are common places to have boat rides in Uganda but there are several other places in the country that you can have amazing boat rides.

In East Africa alone there are many, many more places for boat rides in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Boat rides are done across the region.

So since we know you will go for a boat ride any time you are in East Africa.

Here are some of the safety tips for you to consider as you go for that boat ride.

  1. Able to swim

It helps that you go for a boat ride when you have some swimming skills. In case of anything you are able to swin to save your life. So if you can get some swimming skills in it will be helpful for you.

  1. Life jackets

Wear life jackets, I know they may not look as fancy and decorative; and they may even affect you intended look. But you need the life jackets, so have them on the whole time you are on the boat ride.

  1. Follow the boat rules

Follow the boat rules as shared with you by the boat captain. There is a reason why those rules are there and they are to keep you safe and ensure you have a great bot ride. So follow all the rules . Do try things of breaking any to test fate.

  1. Try to keep your distance from the rails

This is quite hard to implement but find it in you to keep away from the boat rails..  in case of turbulence the boat may shake and you fall off the rails. So stay in your designated seat and enjoy the views from there.

Uganda Boat ride Safaris
Uganda Boat ride Safaris
  1. Boat rides safety tips : Stay calm and peaceful on the ride

Also try to stay calm an peaceful while on the boat ride. Because any confusion can bring chaos and even cause destruction that can cause the captain to lose cause. And when the captain loses course imagine the worst.

  1. Boat rides safety tips : Be calm and cooperative

In case of any un expected incident, stay calm and be cooperative to the crew and they work on solutions. This will help in keeping everyone safe and resolve the incident easily.

  1. Don’t try nigga moves

While on thee boat ride, desist from trying ninja warrior moves of trying to jump into the water. Ninja warrior is a game, the boat ride is a safari activities not technical like.that game so stay within the boundaries and enjoy the boat ride in its simplest way possible.

These are the safety tips, and we hope you follow them. But most of all we hope you have as much fun as you can on your Boat Tour.

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