Is Lake Bunyonyi The Deepest Lake In Africa? Lake Bunyonyi is famously known as the deepest lake in the whole of Africa after Lake Tanganyika, which is found in Tanzania. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the Southwestern region of Uganda between districts like; Kisoro and Kabale and it is a few kilometers away from the boarder of Rwanda. More so, this lake stands at an elevated area of about 1,962 meters above the sea level, 186 kilometers long, and has an average depth of 39meters(128 ft.). Around this lake there are so many tourist attractions, which lead many people to travel from different parts of the world to come and see such as; it has around 29 islands such as; Bushara Island, Akampene Island, Bwana island, Nyuyeera island and many others. More so, this lake is also commonly referred to as a place of little birds which always empathizes that lake Bunyonyi has an amazing collection of many bird species and this lake has a cool climate around it which supports the growth of the green lush vegetation cover hence also making it a cool place to visit and relax or while at this lake one can also decide to visit within the neighbouring national parks such as; Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

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Activities to do while in Lake Bunyonyi.

While at Lake Bunyonyi there are so many activities that tourists can opt to do while they gain new experiences and create good memories and some of these activities include;

  • Tourists can choose to just chill and relax during their stay around this lake because there is a good climate and a cool breeze with a serene environment. More so, there is plenty of good food to enjoy to enjoy which is always either local or international dishes which gives tourists chances to eat according to what they eat and setting of the beautiful sun rises and sunsets always provides individuals with great opportunities to take nice pictures and capture beautiful videos of the sun rays reflecting on the lake waters.
  • Swimming: tourists who have good swimming skills can embark into swimming activities since Lake Bunyonyi is known to be one of the clean lakes un the country that its waters are free from pollution because of the absence of any fishing sites on the lake shores. More so, this lake is free from hippos, crocodiles and other parasites that always tend to cause diseases like; Bilharzia among others. However, tourists are encouraged to be so careful while swimming and this activity on this lake is best for only people who are good at swimming due to the fact it more of a high threat to those who do not know how to swim because of its depth.
  • Tourists can also opt to engage in cultural encounters and community visits where they get chances to take walks and interact with the local people as this gives you opportunities to learn more about the local people and their daily lifestyle such as; join them while they dig in their gardens, get to taste some of their local made drinks such as; obushera, the marwa and these are known to be their potent drinks which are made from millet, banana and sorghum. More so, they also visit the Batwa people, and the local schools that are in within the area and opportunities to interact with the schoolchildren among others.

    Is Lake Bunyonyi The Deepest Lake In Africa?
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  • Hiking is one of the most interesting activities whereby individuals have to go through different trails as they being accompanied with a tour guide, explore through the terraced hills, and capture classic views of the stunning lake and the towering landscapes. More so, tourists can tour around the ancient bamboo forest of Echuya where they get to sight see many primate and mammal species.
  • Bird watching: Lake Bunyonyi being famously known as one of the best birding destinations in the country is a home to over 205 bird species, which are always available for tourists to see. In addition, the small islands on this lake act as good sanctuaries and the breeding grounds for various numbers of water birds. However, the Nyombi swamp is considered as the best birding spot and tourists are always encouraged to carry along with the binoculars in order to capture classic views of the birds when they are at a distance and some of this bird include; Herons, slender-billed baglafetch, egrets, weaverbirds, grey crowned cranes, levillant cuckoo among others.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, there are so many things that people can do while on Lake Bunyonyi and some of these include; Eating cray fish, visiting the local markets, mountain biking, guided nature walks, island hopping, canoeing and many others.

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