Rules and Regulations for Chimpanzee Tracking – Uganda

Rules and Regulations for Chimpanzee tracking were put in place to secure to our close relatives or cousins in their natural inhabits. However, Chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience is best done and more enjoyed in Kibale forest. Note, chimpanzee rules were updated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority a body that responsible for all Uganda’s national parks. Rules and regulations were updated in the areas where chimpanzee tracking take place to protect them but also to visitors to be the major sensitivity key to follow while tracking in their protective nature habitat. For the matter of chimpanzee habituation, chimpanzees have to first go through a two-year habituation training process on how to be used to humans into their presences and never scamper away our creature on your visit. Uganda Chimpanzee tracking experience can be done in several destinations such as Kibale Forest national park, Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park and Kalinzu Forest near Queen Elizabeth national park. Below are the Chimpanzee rules and regulations followed while on Uganda Primates Safari;

The minimum age allowed for tracking chimpanzees is 15 years of age. But Kalinzu forest the minimum age is 12 years of age.

Keep a distance of 7 to 8 meter away in the presence of the chimpanzees.

Visitors should follow the rules given to you by the park ranger during the tracking time.

Provocation is not allowed to our apes, leave them in their freedom.

Do not smoke, eat and drink in the inhabits of chimpanzees.

Sick visitors are not allowed to track chimpanzees since chimpanzees are vulnerable to human diseases like diarrhea, flu, cough.

Flash disc cameras are not allowed to capture photos; they scare away chimpanzees.

Park guides are the only people able to access the forest trail heads.

If you feel like you want long hole, ask the guide to dig you a hole deep 30cm and after bury your waste.

Always keep the voice at low level when you access the chimpanzees for you to be able to see them interacting with one another.

Rules and Regulations for Chimpanzee Tracking
Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris

Tracking is done with a limited numbery of 8 people.

Always stay in groups when you allocate these apes in their nature inhabits and try to avoid noise.

Tracking experience can take 2 to 8 hours depending on the chimpanzee movements.

Always pay attention to the guide’s instructions.

After locating chimpanzees, you will be given one hour to observe these beautiful creatures and enjoy their life style in the jungle.

However, Chimpanzee tracking experience starts early in the morning when these creatures are de-nesting from their nests to begin their day in search for food. During evening hours its quite interesting and rewarding time to watch them while building new nests for the night.

In Africa, Uganda is listed among the top primitive destination of hosting with more than 5,000 individuals.

Essentials to carry with on your next chimpanzee safari as they include; Comfortable walking shoes will help you to descend and ascend in the forest trail.

Carry insect repellent because chimpanzees are wild animals and live in deep nature forest where you can be beaten by any forest insect, so carry insect repellent to be secure.

Rules and Regulations for Chimpanzee Tracking
Chimp Safaris

You should pack a clear camera with enough batteries to take photos as many as possible for life time remembrance.

Endeavor to pack your water proof bag where you can keep your person belongings.

Warm clothes are needed just be on safe side.

Carry enough mineral water since hiking is part of the activity.

You shouldn’t forget to pack energy giving snacks and packed food mostly to those wishing to do chimpanzee habituation a full day activity.

Uganda chimpanzee tracking experience goes at cost USD200 per person per day and habituation costs USD250 per day.

Best time to engage in this magical experience starts from the month of June to September and December to February.

While tracking chimpanzees, you will have many chances of seeing other species of primates like black and white colobus monkeys, Olive baboons, red monkeys, green vegetation and various species of birds. It is advisable to book your permit in advance before you time of arrival to Uganda and it is more recommended to do it in Kibale Forest National Park a capital of primates in entire East Africa. Start now your process and be part of this quite unforgettable lifetime to encounter our closely related creatures said to share 98% of DNA of humans.


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