Tourist sites in Kigali City

Tourist sites in Kigali City: Kigali City, Rwanda’s capital is one of the most exciting places to visit with numerous tourist sites that you can explore on your visit to the country. The city that was declared Rwanda’s capital in 1962 shortly after Rwanda’s Independence has grown into a tourist wonder over the years attracting about 10,000 tourists that desire to explore the city’s unique tourist sites. 

Tourist sites in Kigali City

Kigali’s city is strategically located in the centre of Rwanda making it a great point for connection to other areas of Rwanda and the city is known to be the cleanest and safest city the continent of Africa.

The time you plan to spent in Kigali city will determine what sites you can see or visit during your stay and if you are caught between a rock and hard place, below are the tourist sites you shouldn’t miss out on your visit to Rwanda and Kigali City

Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place that tells of the cruel history of Rwanda that claimed over 800,000 lives in 1994. This conflict that was between the Hutu ethnic majority and the Tutsi ethnic minority lasted for 100 days and most of the lives lost were those of the Tutsi. This Genocide memorial takes you back in time to tell the story of this massacre but also points you to the future of a peaceful, healed and united Rwanda. 

At the Kigali Genocide Memorial you will have the opportunity to see some of the events that led to the genocide, hear stories of the survivors and see several images and videos of some of the genocide events as recounted by the survivors. 

Your tour of the genocide memorial will be filled with both audio and visual material that give detailed information about Rwanda and the genocide at large. On your tour you will also pay respects to the victims that were laid to rest in the memorial site gardens. 

The tour at the Kigali Genocide Memorial takes about 1 to 2 hours. 

Rwanda Art Museum

The Rwanda Art Museum is the only National contemporary Art museum in Rwanda that houses a variety of art pieces made by both local and foreign artists. The artwork in the museum ranges from paintings, sculptures, and ceramics to experimental pieces 

This spectacular art institution is located a bit in the outskirts of Kigali in the former Presidential Palace on the outskirts of Kigali. The Rwanda Art Museum was opened in May 2018 and the museum is one of the country’s eight national museums.

If you love and appreciate Art, this is a must-stop for you. 

Kimironko Market

The largest market in Kigali and also the busiest is a great place to visit to see and engage in local trade in Rwanda. Doesn’t matter what time of day you are in the market you’re bound to find hundreds of vendors in shops or stalls interacting with each other or customers. In simple words you are assured of finding activity in this market at any time of day. A walk through the market will take you on the narrow market pathways, in instances bending down under hanging merchandise as you explore the different corners of the market. A visit to this market, depending on your time, will take a minimum of one hour and a half. A caution while you visit the market, always ask for permission before taking pictures; vendors and the customers of the market are sensitive about their pictures being taken. 

Amahoro Stadium

The Amahoro Stadium the largest sports centre in Rwanda is a wonderful place to visit to explore its history and also enjoy sports activities if there are any taking place at the time. The Amahoro stadium which means “Peace Stadium” was a refugee point to over 10,000 persons during the 1994 genocide and this history is celebrated at the stadium every year in remembrance events held to honour those lives. 

The stadium sits 30,000 people at a time and hosts different sports games that include football, rugby, track and others. Because of its capacity the stadium also hosts entertainment events and other big events. 

Camp Kigali Memorial

Camp Kigali Memorial is a quiet surreal historical site with scared tributes to 10 soldiers that were killed at that site during the Rwanda genocide. The soldiers’ memories are represented in 10 stone pillars in circles rising up form pebble platforms. Each stone represent one soldier with their name and age engraved on the stone.

The 10 Belgian soldiers were killed by Rwandan Presidential guards in the early stages of the 1994 Genocide. The soldiers were on their way to the Rwandan Prime Minister’s Residence but were captured and killed before they could make it to the residence. 

The Belgian Soldiers were sent by General Dallaire to the Prime Minister’s residence. 

Camp Kigali Memorial is another memorial site that helps you appreciate the history the present and the future of Rwanda.  

Question Coffee Cafe

Coffee is one of the main cash crops grown in Rwanda and it contributes a huge percentage to the Rwandan economy. Though most of the coffee grown in Rwanda is exported, the question coffee café is one of the very few places in the country where you can enjoy Rwandan coffee.  At the café you will have a chance to take Rwandan coffee grown and processed in Rwanda. You can even take some coffee beans if they are available. The raw coffee is brewed at this café to make different coffee beverages like espressos, cappuccinos and many more. The café gets all its coffee directly from farmers so the coffee is always fresh.

Question Coffee Cafe
Question Coffee Cafe (Tourist sites in Kigali City)

Nyamirambo Women’s Centre

The Nyamirambo women’s centre is a non-profit organisation that was started with a goal of facilitating the access of education to Rwandan women. At the centre the Rwandan women are trained in various formal education and skills that help them to find employment and also create money making avenues for themselves. 

On your visit to the centre, you will find ladies making different from products from the African print kitenge fabric; making products like clothes, accessories, home décor among others. 

Be sure to support the cause of the centre by buying yourself souvenirs from some of the products at the centre. 

Other Tourist sites you can visit while in Kigali include Inema Arts Centre, Inzora Tasting Board and several eating places where you will enjoy some nice Rwandan food.

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