Visit The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves this Easter!

Visit The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves this Easter!  Easter season is upon us and unlike last year this time where we were all locked upon indoors and couldn’t go anywhere to celebrate the season, this year we have come of lockdown and we are able to go outdoors or anywhere we would like to celebrate this spiritual season. 

Visit The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves this Easter!

Well as you plan on the different destinations to visit this Easter we would like to bring your attention to the famous Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves located in western Uganda in Kabarole district.

The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves are both traditional and historical caves in the Batoro culture – one of the many tribes in Uganda. Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru translated to English are “breasts of Nyinamwiru” and they are called so because of their breast like shape and the fact that white milky like substance keeps dripping from these breast like shapes.

The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves are said to be where the founding King of the Bachewzi was born and was fed on the milk like substance that came from these caves because his mother was not able to breastfeed him. 

The story is the reigning king of Tooro then, King Bukuku who was very unscrupulous in his ways – it’s actually believed he had taken the throne illegally; this king had had his daughter Nyinamwiru’s breasts cut off so that she would be unattractive to men. 

However to the King’s dismay Nyinamwiru, still attracted many men even without breasts; this forced the King to hide her in the caves so that men couldn’t find her. But still this didn’t work Nyinamwiru had a relationship and became pregnant for a royal Isaza Batembuzi. Nyinamwiru gave birth to boy Ndahura who later became the founder and first king of the Bachwezi. 

Because Nyinamwiru didn’t have breasts she was not able to breastfeed her child she fed the boy with milk like substance that used to drip from the caves where she was hidden. The substance was not harmful to the boy and he indeed went on to grow well and later in life became a king himself. At that the locals who witnessed these events were astonished and name the caves Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru and to this day the caves are known by that name.

The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves are found in Kabarole district 5kms from Fort portal town and they are great place for you to visit this Easter Season. 

Visiting the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves this Easter season will give you an experience like no other where you will experience the serenity and unmatchable ambience of these caves and a walk through the caves you will give an opportunity to see the small waterfall that flows through the joining rocks on top of the falls. Then if you are up to it you can take a climb up the rocks to see and explore the Crater Lake a few meters from the caves. This Crater Lake is small but very unique and simply spectacular; but also while on top of the rocks you can use that opportunity to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding areas. The Crater Lake is known as Lake Kigere and depending on your fitness; it will take you about 15 to 30 mins to climb up that lake. 

All visits to these caves are guided tours, so you will not worry about getting lost or not understanding the story, a tour guide will be with you all the way which will make your visit to the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves a fun one and such an Easter magic get away. 

If you are visiting the caves from Uganda’s capital Kampala you will travel about 4 to 6 hours to the caves which means you can visit the caves the day you travel or since it’s the Easter weekend you can travel a day before and spend the next day exploring the caves. 

Also the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves are within the same proxy with the Tooro Palace where the current and reigning Tooro King lives, Bigodi Swamps the hub of bird life and Kibale National Park the capital of primates. So you can enjoy your Easter weekend also exploring these other places on top of your visit to the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves. 

Touring prices for the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves and the Easter season can be readily attained from the Uganda Tourism Board website or better still from a reliable tour operator like Achieve Global Safaris.

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