Wildlife in Rwanda

Wildlife in Rwanda : Rwanda is visited by numerous individuals who are delighted to explore its nature and wild beauty. People visiting Rwanda are thrilled to get an opportunity to see wild creatures in their nature habitats going on with their day to day life. Rwanda is home primates as well as other savannah animals that include:-

Wildlife in Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are the top most visited animals in Rwanda. The huge apes that make their home in Volcanoes National Park are not just exciting to see but getting to them offers its visitors an adventure as they trek the mountainous forest to get to the mountain gorillas.

A mountain gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda will cost USD 1500 and mountain gorilla trekking is done all year round by adults 15 years above.

Chimpanzee trekking

Next to the mountain gorillas the other famous primates in Rwanda are the chimpanzee found in Nyungwe national park. Seeing these primates is also done on a trekking experience – chimpanzee trekking.

The chimpanzees in Rwanda are found in cyamudongo forest and Nyungwe forest, trekking habituated chimpanzees in the forests is done any time during the year at cost determined by the park or Rwanda Development Board.

Wildlife in Rwanda
Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe

Golden monkeys

Other primates found in Volcanoes National Park are the golden monkeys. The golden monkeys are a part of the monkey family but unique because of their golden colour. They also have interesting behaviour that will intrigue you as you visit them in their habitat. Unlike the mountain gorillas, the monkeys stay in the lower ranges of the forest so it’s easy to find them and the trek won’t take that long.

Golden monkey trekking happens all year round in Volcanoes National Park at costs determined by Rwanda Development Board. On a golden monkey trekking experience you can also have a chance to study the beauty of the rain forest, its trees and other creatures that contribute to the beauty of the forest.

Big five animals

The big five animals in Rwanda are an interesting attraction that you can get to see if you are interested in watching a number of wildlife aside the gorillas in Rwanda.  The big five animals in Rwanda can be seen while participating in the game drives in Akagera national park. The park is home to all the big five animals that is the lion, elephant, leopard, rhinos and the buffaloes that can be seen during the morning and evening game drives. During the morning game drives, you will get to see the rhinos, buffalos and the elephants as they graze within the savannah plains.

Wildlife in Rwanda
Akagera Naional Park wildlife

Other animals

On top of the big five you also get to see several other animals that include but not limited to the early risers like the kobs, impalas, oribi, bushbuck, elands, topis, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs, oribis, duiker klipspringer, cape land and many other animal species. You get to see all these animals on game drives in the early mornings, during the day or in the evenings in Akagera National Park. During the evening game drives, you will get to see the carnivores in the park hunting their prey for dinner like the leopards and the lions catching their prey.


If you are a bird lover, you will also have a chance to see over 400 species of birds in the different places of the country namely the all the three National Parks, Volcanoes National Park, Nyugwe National Park and Akagera National Park plus at the twin lakes. The birds in the country include but are not limited to handsome spurfowl, Honey guide, papyrus gonolek , albertine owlet and very many more to thrill while on Rwanda Safaris Tours.

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