5 days in Northern Uganda : If you had 5 days in Northern Uganda, what would you do? Northern Uganda is a beautiful part of Uganda, that people or tourists rarely visit because of the distance from Kampala to Northern Uganda. This part of Uganda is a treasure with great natural features, flora and fauna. It also has some of the most unique people in the country too.

A visit to this part of Uganda would give you an opportunity to experience the beautiful land of the North, people and visit the different attractions in the region. To help you enjoy this beautiful land. Here are some of the attractions you will get to experience in 5 days of your stay in northern Uganda.

Kidepo National Park

One of the best national parks in Uganda, home to over 100 mammal speices, 400 bird species, the kidepo seasonal river and many more amazing creatures. Animals in this park include but are not limited to the Leopards, lions, cheetahs, elephants, antelopes, topis, giraffes, zebras and others.

A visit to this park will give you an opportunity to tour the park and enjoy the wildlife in the park. The amazing activities you will enjoy at the park include but not limited to game drives to see the different animals, bird watching sprees, nature walks, Ike community tours, the wild picnics and many other things.

A visit to this park can occupy all your five days in northern Uganda but can also be less than 5 days.

Karuma falls

The other great attraction in north western Uganda is the Karuma falls. These falls are simply magnificent. You pass these falls on your way to gulu town in northern Uganda and the view of the falls is breath-taking.  Experiencing the beauty of these falls is a matter of hours but it is worth it.

5 days in Northern Uganda
Karuma Falls

Gulu town

Gulu town is the most popular town in the northern region. It is not just popular its one of the town with the most beautiful street and unique town features. While in Northen Uganda you can take a gulu town tour to explore the beauty of the city and the people of the town.

You can tour Gulu town in a day or you can did the tour in 5 days to have a 5 day  in Gulu town northern Uganda adventure.

Aruu falls

Breathe – taking like the Karuma falls, these falls are even more than the Karuma falls. They are absolutely beautiful with the water flowing down the rocks but also the surrounding of the falls, has flora you can appreacite and a forest that harbours primates like monkeys, baboons and others.

At the Aruu falls, you can enjoy activities like rock climbing, water fall picnics, forest trek for primates and other creatures, community interactions and other things.


As stated above you get community interactions when you visit Aruu falls, you can also make it a point to get to know the communities in northern Uganda, learn their cultures and traditions and the various things in the northern region.

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