Ishasha Sector In Queen Elizabeth National Park : Ishasha is located in the Southwestern part in Queen Elizabeth national park and this sector commonly visited and famously known because of its tree-climbing lions that are considered as the major tourist attractions within this national park. These climbing lions have also contributed a lot to the growth of tourism industry in Uganda. tourists exploring with in Queen Elizabeth national park on a lion tracking safari can best do so with in the Ishasha sector which is surrounded with Savannah woodlands, and tree species such as; the Acacia trees, huge fig trees ,cactus trees and Candelabra trees which have big branches where lions climb and hang most of their time. The climbing of the trees helps these lions to protect them from being bitten by many parasites while on the ground, and run away from the heat on the ground most especially during the dry season. More so, these lions also climb in order to ease their hunting journey whereby while up in the trees, they always sight see where their prey is located such as; kobs and antelopes.

More so, exploring with in Queen Elizabeth national park does not only give you chances to see the tree climbing but also many other wildlife species which are always roaming around the park like; African elephants, chimpanzees, buffalos, hippos among others. In addition, there are other more tourist’s attractions such as; Lake katwe, Kazinga channel, Lake Gorge, Lake Katwe explosion craters and volcanic features like; volcanic canes, deep craters and many others.

Things to do in Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Tourists exploring with in the Ishasha sector always get opportunities to engage in many activities like;

Lion tracking experience.

Tourists who purposely tour around the Ishasha sector with the main aim of tracking the tree-climbing lions are always encouraged to pay a fee of about 50 USD per person and get to have exciting and remarkable memories as they watch these species.

Bird watching.

The ishasha sector is considered as a perfect destination for bird lover to visit due to the fact that it is situated with in Queen Elizabeth National park which is known to be a home to over 600 bird species hence making a wonderful spot as tourists get to sight see a variety number of different birds such as; the African Broadbill, Chapins flycatcher, and the rare shoebill stork and many others.

Community visits/ cultural encounters.

Tourists exploring within the ishasha sector also can decide to visit the neighbouring communities around the national park where they get chances of meeting with the Bakiga people who always welcome their visitors with their interesting traditional dance performances and sing their folk songs. More so, tourists get opportunities to observe and learn about the daily lifestyle of these individuals, also learn how they prepare their local dishes and join in to help them in case it is during the harvesting season whereby they pick vegetables from their gardens.

Game drives.

Tourists within the Ishasha sector can also embark on game drives activities, which are always done during day and night hours depending on what individuals prefer. However, these game drives activities are charged at a fee of 30 USD per person and during this activity as they explore through the sector, tourists get chances of looking at wildlife species like; topi, Impala, Uganda kob, buffalos, among others.

Ishasha Sector In Queen Elizabeth National Park
Ishasha Sector In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best time to visit the Ishasha sector.

Tourists can decide to travel to the Ishasha sector, which is located within Queen Elizabeth national park at any time throughout the year. However, the dry the season is considered as the best time when it is good to visit because this is the only period in a year when there are less rains and short grass which helps tourists to capture the clear view of the sector and its wildlife species. In addition, individuals should note that the dry season is between months of June to September and from December to February.

 Accommodation facilities within the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Tourists visiting in the Ishasha sector are always offered with comfortable accommodation facilities, which are always available for visitors. In addition, these accommodation facilities range differently and put in different classes such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury. Therefore, these lodging facilities include; Queen Elizabeth bush lodge, Ishahsa wilderness camp, Mweya safari lodge, Kasenyi safari lodge, Enjojo lodge and many others. Visitors in ishasha sector always have to choose where according to where they prefer and choose what matches with their budget.

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