Touring the Martyr’s shines : It’s that season when we remember the Uganda martyrs who were killed for their faith. During this season, a number of religious events take place to commemorate the day – 3rd June: which is the official day set aside to celebrate the martyrs. Most of these days are organized by churches and religious organizations so they basically focus on religion.

Despite that, some people participating the 3rd June events would want to tour the martyrs shines instead of just going there for religious activities. We are not saying religious activities are not important, all we are saying is that sometimes on top of the religious event on would want to have an exclusive and comprehensive tour of the Martyrs shines.

The martyrs shrines are located in Kampala in Namugongo and they are the catholic martyrs shrines which is the most popular and the protestant shrine.

Touring the Martyr’s shines
Touring the Martyr’s shines

Well so when and how do you tour the martyrs shines?

The best time to tour the martyrs shine is before or after the 3rd June celebrations. This is because during the weeks of the 3rd June celebrations a lot is going on at the shrines in preparation for day’s events and the other things for the day.

With all that going on, access to the shrines may be restricted to only a few people or teams directly involved in the preparations.

And on 3rd June that’s when the Uganda martyrs day prayers and other religious events take place so, it’s just common sense. You cannot tour the shines then.

However, way before the event and maybe a week after 3rd June, you can visit the shrines and have you’re exclusive and comprehensive tour.

How do you get to tour the shrines?

To tour the shrines you have first to book for a tour with the shrine offices. Usually the tour operator books the tour on your behalf. So we advise that you contact a tour operator who will organize everything about the tour on your behalf.

At the time of booking, you will be availed with the possible tour dates, from which you will choose the best option for you.

You will then be required to pay the applicable fees for the tour and transportation plus other things.

On the day of the tour, you will link up with your tour operator who will take you to the shrines. At the shrines you will connect with the shrine tour guide who will give you that long awaited tour of the shrine.

You should know though, that there are two martyr shrines located within the same area  10 or 15 minutes apart. Touring each shrine takes about 2 or 3 hours 4 utmost, so you should plan the time accordingly. You can even choose to visit one shrine per a day or visit only one of the two shrines. This entirely depends on you and you really want to Achieve from the tour.

Touring the Martyr’s shines
Touring the Martyr’s shines

How do you prepare for the tour?

A head of the tour it’s good to acquaint yourself with information about the shrines and the Uganda martyrs, this will make your tour very interesting.

Other than that there isnt much preparation needed. You are ready to go for your tour.

In terms of dress code, there’s no particular dress code for the tour, we just ask that you be religion sensitive and dress appropriately for the tour.

Here at Achieve we offer tours to the namugongo shrines all year round. Contact us today to schedule for one.

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