Which Game Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda? Queen Elizabeth National park is the only game park, which is famously known for harbouring around large numbers of lions therefore visiting around this national park blesses you with great chances to sight see many of the lion species. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the western region of Uganda and it only takes tourists only about 4 to 5 hours from Kampala to be able to access the park or individuals can opt to go for air transport means and book a domestic flight from Entebbe international airport and then be able to reach the park only within an hour. However, apart from Queen Elizabeth national park providing tourists with the best lioning experience due to the fact that it is the only destination where one can find the tree climbing lions, individuals exploring around the park can engage into other interesting activities like; game drives which are done best in the 4 by 4 wheel and helps tourists to go through different areas of the park and these drives are usually done in different sessions for example; in the morning, afternoon and in the evening, they can also choose to go for the guided nature walks where they are always accompanied by park guides whose role is to ensure of the safety of both animals and the people due to the fact that they are well familiar with many trails.

Safari activities in western uganda

More so, tourists can engage into other activities like; community visits and cultural encounters, wildlife viewing because this game park is not only known to be a home to lions but also to over 95 mammal species like; Zebras, impalas, African elephants, leopards, antelopes, chimpanzees, buffalos, bush duikers, warthogs, spotted hyenas, crocodiles, topi, Uganda kob, giant forest hog and many others. more so, Queen Elizabeth national park is seen as a good birding destination which harbours around 600 bird species that are always available for bird lovers to see and some of these birds include; Hamerkop, pink-backed pelican, great egrets, cattle egret, goliath heron, intermediate egret, great white pelicans, African shoebill, African spoonbills, African skimmer, martial eagle, black crake, papyrus gonolek, pied kingfisher, yellow billed stork and many others.

 However, apart from Queen Elizabeth national park there are so many other places in the Uganda where tourists can visit and see lions and some of these other places include; Kidepo valley national park which is located in the North Eastern region of the country and it takes individuals about a drive of 10 hours from Kampala to be able to access the park and Murchison falls national park which is located in the Northwestern region of the country in Masindi district and it is famously known as the largest national park in the country and it only takes tourists a drive of about 4 to 5 hours to acess the park. and these game parks are all considered as good destinations to travel to while planning on where to go while on an adventurous safari in Uganda and they are a home to the big five animals such as; African Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinos, Leopards and lions.

When is the best time to see lions in Uganda?

 The best time to visit Uganda on a safari in order to see lions within the above-mentioned places is during the dry season, which is between months of June to September and from December to February. this is considered the best time because it is during this period of time when there is less rainfalls received and the grass vegetation  is always short which enables tourists to capture beautiful views of the physical features and all the wildlife animals in the park. In addition, it is during this period of time when roads seem so easy to go through compared to the rainy season when the roads tend to be so slippery however, tourists should note that they could also feel free to travel at any time of the year.

Which Game Park Is Famous For Lions In Uganda?
Tree Climbing Lions

Facts to know about lions.

 There are a few interesting facts that tourists need know about the lion species an some of these include;

  • Lions are known to be to last for the maximum of about 12 years in the wilderness.
  • Lions usually give birth at the age of four and then litter of about cubs.
  • In addition, they make a sound of roaring which can be heard from meters away.
  • More these lion species are also referred to as the king of the jungle.
  • More especially, it is the female lions that normally handle the hunting part and then the male lions purposely do the role of protecting the others.
  • Hunting the lion species is usually done in packs and many others.

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