The 6 Days Ugandan safari is a safari that takes you in the nature spheres of Uganda to enjoy the wildlife, flora and surroundings of nature. On this safari, you will definitely get an opportunity to see the famous mountain gorillas and the big five animals thus the lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and the elusive leopards; you will also experience the beautiful Nile waters.

You will also enjoy the road trip to Bwindi as you learn more of about Uganda and her people.


  • Mountain gorilla sighting
  • Big five sighting
  • Boat ride
  • Road trip

Day one: Travel to Murchison Falls National Park via Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The first big five animals you will see on this safari are the huge Rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

This safari will start in either Kampala or Entebbe, you will set off from your location at 7am with the tour guide to head to western Uganda via the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. You will be at the Rhino sanctuary by 11am and then you will go ahead and track the Rhinos which will take about 2 to 4 hours depending on your preference.

After tracking the Rhinos you will then continue on to Murchison Falls National Park where you will arrive in about 1- 2 hours. At MFNP you will check into you accommodation, have a combined lunch and dinner before you retire for the day.

NB: Because of the nature of the day’s activities, during the day you will have some snacks to go.

6 days Ugandan Safari
Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari

Day two: Animal viewing and boat ride

You will be up quite early by 5am, have a slight snack then head into the wild to view the wild creatures that make their home in MFNP. Some of the animals you will see include by are not limited to lions, zebras, giraffes, leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, antelopes and many more.

The game drive will last about 3 to 5 hours. After the game drive you will head back to your accommodation where you will have brunch as your relax and take in the views of the park.

In the afternoon you will then head out to the Nile River for a boat ride to experience the waters and see more flora and fauna.

After the boat ride you will retire to you accommodation, you will have dinner and rest.

Day three: Night in Kampala

You will be up at leisure, have a breakfast and a mini game drive before you head out of the park to Kampala.

You will spend this night in Kampala as you prepare for the next day’s journey to Bwindi National Park for your mountain gorilla experience.

You will arrive in Kampala in the late afternoon, you will then check into your accommodation, have an early dinner and rest.

Day four: Travel to Bwindi National Park

You will be up at 6am, freshen up, have breakfast and then hit the road for the 9 to 10 hour drive to Bwindi National Park. This is a long drive so you should carry something to read as you travel or something on your gadget to watch.

The good thing about this journey, you will have a number of stops to enjoy the nature and communities along the way; so look forward to that.

You will also have a stop for lunch at one of the prestigious restaurants along the way.

You will arrive in Bwindi National Park in the evening, check into your accommodation, freshened up, have dinner and rest.

Day five: Mountain Gorilla trekking

You will be up by 6am, have breakfast and get ready for your mountain gorilla trekking experience.

The experience will start with a briefing at the park headquarters at 7am. After the briefing you will head into the forest for the search of the mountain gorillas. It will take you about 3 to 4 hours to get to where the mountain gorillas are; this will depend on the sector you are trekking and how hidden the gorillas are. When you find the gorillas you will spend an hour with them and after the hour you will trek back to the park headquarters.

At the park headquarters you will receive a certificate for the experience. You then head to your accommodation for a combined lunch and dinner, or a late lunch and later have dinner. You will spend the rest of the evening at leisure and later retire to sleep.

Day six: end of safari

You will be up early, to hit the road for another 9 to 10 hours on the road from Bwindi to Kampala. Like the previous journey, this will not be different. You will arrive in Kampala in the evening and the tour guide will drop you at the place of your liking in Kampala. This will be the end of this 6 day Uganda safari.

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