2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari

2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari is a short Rwanda Safari Tour that takes a traveler to Akagera National Park where the big 5 African Mammals can be seen/sighted. Akagera National Park is named after Akagera River that feeds Lake Ihema and other smaller lakes in the park.  This one and only wildlife park in Rwanda offers a suitable habitat to numerous wild animals and birds in its savannah, woodland, swampy and low mountainous area that covers about 1122 km sq and borders Tanzania. 

2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari

On your 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari, you are sure to enjoy the cool breeze of the lake, see wildlife and birdlife that will not only take your breath away but will give you memories for a lifetime.

This 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari gives you an opportunity to view the wide variety of wildlife in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park that includes lions, elephants, hippos, buffalos crocodiles and many more. You will enjoy game drives and a boat cruise and these all give you an unmatchable experience of the wild like never before. 

Highlights of the 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari

  • Day 1: Kigali City to Akagera, Boat Cruise and Evening Game drive.
  • Day 2: Game Drive back to Kigali city

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Akagera, Boat Cruise and Evening Game drive.

  • Transfer to Akagera: The tour guide will pick you up at your preferred location in Kigali City in the early morning around 8 am. Remember to have breakfast before you embark on this almost 3-hour journey. On your way to the park, you will be delighted at the beautiful hilly sceneries along the way, and you are free to make a stop to take in these scenic views even take pictures and videos. On your way you will also have bathroom or snack stops at your discretion. 
  • Boat Cruise on Lake Ihema: You will arrive at the park in the midmorning, check into your accommodation, relax, and then have lunch at 1 pm. After lunch, you will head to Lake Ihema for a boat cruise that will go on till the late afternoon. You will see a wide array of water birds and animals including but not limited to crocodiles, hippos, marabou stock, African fish eagle e.t.c. After the boat cruise, you will head back to your accommodation to take a late afternoon chill and dinner in the evening.
  • Evening/Night Game Drive: After your dinner, you will head out an evening game drive in the park to see more wild animals especially the nocturnal animals. After the games drive you will head back to your accommodation and rest for the night.
2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari
Giraffes in Akagera National Park

Day 2: Game Drive back to Kigali city

  • Game Drive: You will be up early, have breakfast and then head out for a morning game drive, in the morning game drive you will see most of the diurnal animals getting up for the day’s work and the nocturnal animals hiding in their sleeping hubs. The morning game drive also gives you an opportunity to see numerous birds in their nests or flying off or even making morning sounds.
  • Return to Kigali: After the game drive, you will head back to your accommodation where you will have lunch. After lunch check out and head back to Kigali city. You will arrive in Kigali city in the late afternoon or early evening: depending on your set off time from Akagera and the number of stops you have on the way.  The guide will drop you at a location of your choice in Kigali City of Kigali International Airport.

End of the 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari

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