3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari is a Short Uganda Gorilla Safari Tour that will see you travel to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for a tour. Mountain Gorillas are gentle giant primates that live in dense mountainous forests and they are subspecies of the Gorilla beringei beringei and in the world, they are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo. Uganda is a natural habitat to over half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population. These endangered shy primates share almost 98% DNA with human beings and live in groups called families each family under the leadership of a male silverback who protects the group and has the most privileges including eating first at mealtimes.

3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park covering 331 sq. km is located in south-western Uganda on the edge of the Rift Valley in the ancient Bwindi rain forest. This impenetrable forest is among the most organically diverse places in the world and is home to over half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas.

Highlights of the 3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

  • Day One: Transfer from Kampala to Bwindi
  • Day Two: Gorilla Trekking
  • Day Three: Transfer from Bwindi to Kampala 

Detailed Itinerary

Day One: Transfer from Kampala to Bwindi

  • Pick Up: The first day of this 3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari will start in Kampala, meaning you have to be in Kampala the day before the tour starts for you to be up early for the 8-9 hour journey ahead of you. As this is a long journey you will have to get up quite early have a heavy breakfast, pack a few snacks for the road and be on your way by 7:30am latest 8am. Your Tour guide will pick you up from your preferred location (in Kampala or Entebbe) which location should be communicated in advance.
  • Transfer to Bwindi: On your way to Bwindi, you will use the Kampala – Kabale – Nkuringo route and on your way, you will have a number of stops for lunch, snacks, bathroom breaks, stretches and sightings (Apart from the Equator Line Experience; all other sightings are optional).   You will have a stop at the Equator line in Kayabwe; where you will have the opportunity to see the point where the equator crosses Uganda and visit nearby crafts markets. You will continue on your journey and have another stop at Igongo for lunch.  If you choose to have other sightings; you have a chance to tour Igongo Cultural Centre to acquit yourself with the Ankole culture; then after Lunch, if you are up to it you will take a hike to the Eclipse monument in Igongo (if you are not up to it, you can skip the hike). After that you will continue on your journey to Bwindi; viewing other sightings like roadside markets in most of the towns along the way, nature, and people communities from the comfort of the car. You will arrive in Bwindi, in the evening, check into your accommodation facility, have dinner, chill, relax and get a night rest. 

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking

  • Gorilla Trekking: Day 2 will start early too; you will have to be up at least by 7am, have breakfast at your accommodation facility, pack your meal and water for the trek and all the other things you may need on the trek.  7:45am you will gather at the Trekking offices for grouping, briefing on trekking guidelines and all other information you may need. Your group will be assigned a ranger who will take you on this trek then off you will go for your Gorilla trekking experience. The Gorilla trekking experience takes between 6- 7 hours depending on how far the gorilla family you’re visiting is; from your start point. You have to know that most of this time is spent on the trek to and from the gorilla family thus you only spend 1 hour with the gorillas. You will use this hour with the Gorillas to interact with them, take pictures and any other thing that is permitted by the authorities. After your trek, you will head back to your accommodation facility, freshen up, relax, have dinner and have a good night’s rest.
  • Batwa Trail Experience: If you are not so worn-out from the trek, your guide will pick you up for the Batwa Trail Experience which takes about an hour and a half; after you will be back at the accommodation for dinner and good night rest. (The Batwa Trail Experience is optional)
3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari
3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

Day 3: Transfer from Bwindi to Kampala 

  • Departure to Kampala: This day will start at 7 am with breakfast at your accommodation facility then you will check out of the facility and start your journey back to Kampala. If you were not able to have the Batwa experience the previous day and you wish to have it, you can have the experience after breakfast for an hour and a half and then start your journey to Kampala. (The Batwa experience is optional so you don’t have to go for it if you are not up to it).  On your way to Kampala, you will have a Kabale town tour for about half an hour or an hour max. (Kabale town is not so big so it doesn’t take long to tour it) after the tour, you will then continue your journey to Kampala with a  lunch stop in Mbarara and other stops for bathroom breaks, snacks, and stretches.
  • Drop Off: You will arrive in Kampala in the evening and the guide will drop you at a location of your choice (Kampala or Entebbe).

That will be it for your 3 Day Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

All Package Fees:

All activities Mentioned above Visas 
AccommodationTips and Gratuities 
English Speaking Tour Guide Alcoholic Drinks 
Drinking Water Laundry Services 
4WD Safari Vehicle with Fuel and driver (tour guide)Telephone calls and any other items of personal nature 
Air Flights 

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